10 helpful tips for planning a stress free vacation to Dubai

10 helpful tips for planning a stress free vacation to Dubai

Travel bugs are often attracted to food, culture, architecture, and life-altering experiences. Dubai offers the best of all this to every traveler. The beauty of this place is in the spectrum of attractions it offers, irrespective of your budget.

The enchanting flavours of food and colours of life are best enjoyed when you have absolutely nothing else on your mind and you are focused on making the best of your trip. Here are a few ways you can avoid last-minute rush and prep in advance.

  1. Best time to visit – Dubai is known for its harsh temperatures and scorching heat. This restricts your movement throughout the day and limits your options to go sightseeing. October to April are the supposed winters and the weather is pleasant enough to make the best of your day.
  2. Make the bookings in advance – People flock to Dubai in the cooler months and it is difficult to get reservations in hotels, as well as the fancy must-visit restaurants. It is wise to book flights and hotels in advance as they are less expensive when you book them before 6 months.

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  1. Figure out transportation details – It is essential to figure out which are the best ways to travel in Dubai. Taxi and hiring private vehicles are always options, but Dubai has a well-established metro and bus network that can be used to travel long distances.

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  1. Process for Dubai visa –If you are travelling to Dubai from India, you need to have a pre-approved visa. The main eligibility factor for a Dubai visa for Indians is that your passport should be valid for a minimum of 6 months from the date you are landing in Dubai. It is extremely easy to apply for a visa online. You can go to the website and fill in your details as well as your co-passengers’ details. Once that is done, depending on your country, you may be asked to upload documents apart from the basic documents like passport (relevant pages) and a photograph. most of the travel agency are dubai travel agency.It is advisable to apply for a passport a month or two in advance to avoid last minute rush. Once you have applied, you can track the status of your visa application as well.

  1. Buy travel insurance – Overseas travel should also include travel insurance, irrespective of whether the country you are visiting requires it or not. Travel insurance provides a safety net in case of mishaps and ensures you can get out of a sticky situation without much trouble. Travel insurance includes cancellations of bookings, loss of baggage, loss of passport, emergency accidental cover, emergency medical cover, and a lot of other options depending on your policy. Travel insurance is the way to ensure you do not suffer losses when unfortunate incidents occur.

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  1. Work out an itinerary – You can read about the attractions in Dubai and pinpoint the ones you are interested in. Based on that, you can make an itinerary to make the most of your time. An itinerary is also essential for ensuring you have something planned for all the days you are there.
  2. Currency exchange – The currency used in Dubai is dirham or AED (United Arab Emirates Dirham). Most international airports have currency exchange counters. However, it is wise to get some currency exchanged in the country and keep it with you before you land in Dubai. This saves time and can be handy for any emergency purchases.
  3. Laws and other regulations – Dubai has a few laws and regulations that need to be adhered to, otherwise, you may face heavy fines. For example, public drinking or drinking and driving is a punishable offense. There is a restriction on the amount of alcohol and tobacco you can bring into the country on the flight as well. Apart from this, some restaurants require women to cover their shoulders and wear long dresses as a dress code. It is wise to read about the dos and don’ts before you go to Dubai.
  4. Tips for shopping – Dubai is known for its great offers on electronics and gold. If shopping is one of your agendas while visiting Dubai, you should plan your trip in January or July. These months have the most discounts and the best deals on all things.
  5. Dubai Food and Nightlife – Depending on your choice of food, Dubai has a lot to offer right from a humble street hawker to a luxurious restaurant. The delicious food is available along with gorgeous bars. Although the minimum age to drink in Dubai is 21 years, some bars allow patrons who are 25 years or above. Most lounges and bars are open till the wee hours of the morning and have a great ambiance to party.

Planning for a vacation in Dubai takes longer than the actual duration of the vacation. However, meticulous planning ensures you don’t have to worry about anything while in Dubai. You can enjoy the sights and take advantage of what the place has to offer stress free.

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