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Your Complete Guide to Prepare For the Math Olympiad

Students keep preparing for various competitive exams throughout the year, one of the most well-known exams among them are Olympiads, conducted both nationally and internationally. Olympiad exams form a base for the other competitive exams. These exams are of great benefit to the students as it enables them to understand their capabilities and lay a foundation for studying.

Here are a few steps that can help a class sixth student prepare for the Math Olympiad-

  • Start as early as possible:

Every year, the Olympiads are conducted during November and December. So, the students need to start preparing for the same at the beginning of the year. This can enable them to complete the syllabus in due time and help them practice a variety of questions. One who begins early has greater chances of success.

  • Get to know the syllabus:

The syllabus for the Math Olympiad is well explained on the Indian Talent Olympiad website. All students must get a fair knowledge of what is expected to appear in the exams. This makes it easier for the students to focus on concepts and theories that have more weight.

  • Know the complexity level set by the Indian Talent Olympiad exams:

Each class has a separate level of complexity and difficulty. Questions are prepared to keep in mind the capacity and understanding of each class. For class 6 sixth maths Olympiad, the time frame of 65 minutes is allocated. A total of 50 questions are given from three different sections. The first section is the subjective pattern type containing 30 questions, whereas the second section is called the HOTS ( High order thinking section) containing 5 questions, followed by the last section namely logical reasoning consisting of 15 questions.

  • Participate in monthly Olympiads:

One of the key ways to ace your annual Maths Olympiad is by regularly practising the monthly Olympiads. These are conducted every month, every 4th Saturday for each subject just like mock tests. One advantage of these monthly mock tests is that they are conducted chapter-wise; hence this can help the students prepare for different chapters. Students can participate using their phones or laptops.

  • Plan each day:

Olympiads do not require a student to go beyond the syllabus; they just require a student to practice regularly. A focused timetable should be maintained. A proper schedule should be kept, like the last month should always be kept for revision. Important theories must be revised from time to time for better recall.

  • Refer to Olympiad workbooks-

All subjects have workbooks that are available on the Indian Talent Olympiad page. All these workbooks contain detailed information about all the topics to be covered. Students can try out several questions from these and hence prepare themselves for the annual Olympiads. Proper examples along with an accurate explanation are provided in these books. Hence, studying the required material enables you to prepare better.

  • Manage and allot time for all subjects-

Time management can play a very vital part in covering the entire course. A specific timetable must be allocated distinguishing each subject. One of the best things about these tests is that if you prepare for them, they directly make your concepts clearer for the school exams.

  • Practice Olympiad sample papers-

Students can avail themselves of the previous year’s question papers and sample papers from the Indian Talent Olympiad’s website. Practising and solving sample papers and past year question papers will give a rough idea about the complexity level and pattern of question papers. Students can also purchase papers online from the Indian Talent Olympiad site.

  • Practice, practice, and practice-

Practice is the chief factor that can help you succeed in any examination. The more you practice, the more clearly your concepts get. Revision is a vital part of any examination. Getting the right content, proper devotion, and a positive mindset is a way out for success in the math Olympiad.

  • Develop problem-solving skills-

While preparing for the Math Olympiad, you must apply your problem-solving skills. There are numerous problems that students struggle with when they go to the Olympiad exam. As a result, if you plan to take the exam, you should practice the math problems that you find complicated. And make sure that you know how to answer every problem before you take it on the exam.

  • Stick to a schedule:

Significantly, you study by the timetable that has been prepared for your Indian Maths Olympiad. Yes, you may slip up, though our guidance is, Don’t. But, readjust your timetable or cover the backlogs as rapidly and resourcefully as possible.

  • Use Time as a Tool:

Yes, time is an effective tool if used professionally. Begin your preparation well in time to score better. But, if you are not capable of it, then ask your teacher for the number of hours vital to dedicate to a particular topic. Split your time and widen a timetable to practice every one of the Olympiad topics systematically.

Some common tips regarding your Olympiad are associated with clear concepts, which enable students to answer any question correctly, irrespective of its toughness. During the examination, always keep a close watch on the time limit; adhere to it so that you can complete your paper within the due time limit. Keep track of the regular study plans and schedules. One essential factor is to get adequate sleep before the examination day so that you can give the paper with a fresh and calm mind. Hope the above-mentioned tips help you prepare better for your Olympiads!

Conclusion- Remember nothing is impossible and anything can be achieved with proper strategy and the will to do things.

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