Why you should use headband wigs instead of hair transplant?

Why you should use headband wigs instead of hair transplant?

Must use headband wigs instead of hair transplant to get varieties of hair styles for gorgeous look. However, not everyone is a suitable candidate for surgery as a successful transplant relies on the individual being in excellent general health and he/she needs to have quality existing donor or existing hair. Another option could include real hair extensions but these are generally only suitable for cosmetic purposes and not suitable for concealing extreme thinning or bald patches on the scalp. Real hair extensions can also place a strain on existing hair and follicles – and so they are not always a viable option for those with weak or fine hair.

How hair transplant damage your hairs?

If you have thinning hair which happens to be thinning evenly all over the scalp, you might want to consider a procedure called Hair Integration. This involves blending real hair with your own and is a non-surgical, semi-permanent way to restore your hair. The process includes the design of a hairpiece which is fitted to your scalp using tiny, virtually invisible hair fixings. Hair Integration is a fully custom-made process and you choose your hair color and overall hairstyle. It is an excellent alternative to hair transplant surgery and maintenance of your custom-made piece is only required every few months.

However, some individuals prefer a hair restoration method that allows a greater degree of flexibility. This is when you might consider a full coverage ladies wig. Nowadays, thanks to massive advances in hair technology, wigs are made from a range of sophisticated materials and luxurious, soft, clean hair – in either realistic synthetic fibre or 100% natural hair. Wig bases are also manufactured using breathable base materials which offer unparalleled comfort and security.

Why wigs are much preferred?

A best human hair wigs base might offer a lace front – the benefit of which is a near invisible hairline, especially good for swept back hairstyles. Another option is a monofilament base – which is flesh-colored and has a very realistic scalp-like appearance from above. Hair is knotted in such a way that it moves freely and can be parted differently.

Ready to wear wigs:

Full ladies wigs are usually available in ready-to-wear styles made using synthetic hair, ready-to-wear human hair or custom-made human hair. Synthetic is incredibly soft yet resilient. The range of colors for ready-to-wear wigs is now increasing and clients can choose from offerings like ‘rooted’ wigs – where the roots are darker to emulate real hair with ‘growing out’ highlights; highlighted and lowlighted wigs. The choice of more ‘mature’ colors like silver and grey blends is also increasing. Given the level of sophistication involved in creating a full ladies wig, it is no wonder that sales of the product are increasing. A good quality ladies wig can offer the wearer styling flexibility, great-looking full glossy hair and an incredibly natural-looking full head of hair. There are several reputable online wig stores or wig salons that can help you in your choice.