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Why You Need To Consider Paintless Dent Removal Rockville MD

Dents are one of the most irritating things that we all hate. They give a bad impression and are unsightly that can decrease the value of your vehicle. Even though dents can affect a symbol of status for a group of people, there are many people who feel hesitant if their vehicle gets these flaws as these are very costly to get fixed from a body shop. But if we get to know an alternative option that can cost considerably less than the conventional technique, then surely we will go for that option. Paintless dent removal Rockville MD is one of the most effective procedures that are common for removing minor dents and dings utilizing unique yet special tools.

This procedure uses special tools that help to push the dents and dings in an upward position without even removing or scratching the paint surface. With these special tools, access is gained on the affronted panel and dents and dings are pushed or pulled out carefully. Suppose the paint on the surface of the car is not broken and not damaged and the dents are not so deep, then these can be removed and repaired by using the paintless dent removal method.

Basically, there are two basic ways that can be removed and repaired using the PDR method:

One of its methods is that access on any panel can be gained and you need to just apply the pressure through special tools. The most common tool used for this purpose is a set of metal rods that can make pressure behind the dent and push it until it gets flat again.

In case the access behind the panel is limited, then this process of removing the dent is done by using a special type of glue. In this case, where access is not gained behind the dent, a plastic tab is used and then fixed on the front side of the dent and ding. The tab is fixed by using special hot glue. Once this glue that fixes the tab on the top of the dent cools, it sticks to the tab. Now your role is to tightly hold the plastic tab and pull it outward so that the dent will pull out. Although this method of removing the dent is quite less accurate and it often requires beating down, this is used by so many people as it is simple to do.

Moreover, the PDR method is much more effective than the traditional body shops because these body shops have to initially grind off the entire paint of the panel, apply new body fillers, and sand it for reshaping the panel flat. Additionally, they apply primer, paint, sand, clear coatings, and then at the end, they finally wet the sand and buff it. So these are the steps that they take in a body shop to repair the dent, and that’s why these body shops are quite expensive.

This is the reason why the paintless dent removal method is a good alternative when compared to conventional methods of body shops. But if your paint finishing of the car is damaged and it can not be fixed by using buff and a wet-sand, then you need to consider going for a full-service auto body shop as it will be the best option to choose at that time.

Now why you need to consider PDR:

Saves money:

As mentioned earlier, this method is quite less expensive than the traditional methods of removing dents. In this method, you don’t need any material to perform this task, which means you don’t need to invest in supplies that are normally required in traditional methods.

Save value:

As in other methods, the paint can be disturbed and damaged that needs to be repaired again, but in the PDR method, the paint is not disturbed which means you can save the value of your vehicle.

Save time:

Paintless dent removal Rockville MD takes only a few hours to remove the dents and dings. It means this method of removing dents can save much of your time.

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