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Why Posho Mills are Popular In Kenya

Most Kenyans will agree that they spent a significant amount of their childhood on frequent trips to the posho mill. This article looks at how posho mills are fairing in a world where commercial milling industries are calling the shots in flour consumption.

One of the most impressive initiatives that people are taking is being keen and knowledgeable about their health. Social media and the mainstream media have helped significantly with this, where experts in the health department are provided with a broader platform to inform and educate. In turn, people can avoid specific popularized trends posing a real danger to their health.

Whole Grain Maize

A meal from whole grain flour has to be the most nutritious and fulfilling due to its high fiber content. Whole grain maize flour retains all its nutrients during conversion because no part of the maize is removed. This is quite the opposite of highly refined flour; significant maize parts are removed, resulting in decreased nutrition benefits. Whole grain flour remains the best health-wise because it is digested slowly and allows for a gradual rising in blood sugar levels. This significantly reduces any health risk complications.

Let’s Talk Posho Mills

In a country where maize is the staple food, there are several ways in which it is consumed, among them being in the grounded form. Posho mills are vastly used in rural areas and the urban setup. Although commercial milling has become very popularized, many people still prefer drying their maize and taking it to the posho mill, undoubtedly because of its nutritional value.

Types of Posho Mills

  • Electric Powered Posho Mill – this type depends on the power supply from the mains electricity grid. They are powered by single-phase motors and are recommended for small-scale milling or three-phase, which possess more power and are suitable for large-scale milling.
  • Diesel Powered Posho Mill- this type comes with an engine that runs on diesel and is most convenient where electricity is unreliable or unavailable. They come in a variety of grades, depending on their use.

Posho Milling as a Business Venture

You can begin by considering the type of machine you require, which will inform the posho mill price you will settle for. Identifying an area with a constant demand for your services is also crucial. The rural and suburbs appreciate whole grain flour and may make you a good profit if you set up your business there.

Rethinking Convenience

One of the risk factors that has been identified as a crucial contributor to more deaths is poor dietary habits. With many claiming to have less time on their hands, the preference has shifted to the readily available packaged flour. However, this convenience may be doing more harm than good by increasing poor dieting health risks. Returning to whole grain flour might be an important health initiative that could save lives.

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Posho mills are widespread in Kenya but not as they should. More significance should be laid in consuming whole grain flour because it will be greatly beneficial and provide a better lively hood to those running posho mill businesses today. Check about roller mill too.

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