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Why Do We Need A Water Purifier?

In this modern era, where water pollution is at its peak, we cannot drink untreated water as it may make us ill. If we want to stay healthy, drinking clean water is of paramount importance.  But clean water doesn’t mean to be free from dirt but also safe from bacteria and viruses, which cause many diseases such as cholera, diarrhea, typhoid, hepatitis and polio etc.

Hence it is essential to use the water purifier system these days. The water purifier system helps remove all kinds of impurities present in water and make it safe for drinking purposes. It converts hard water into soft water by reducing its harmful particles.

Here are few more reasons that show why we must use a water purifier

Benefits Of Water Purifier

  • It makes the water safe for drinking by removing bacteria and viruses, which we cannot even see with our eyes directly
  • It helps improve the taste of water and removes the foul smell of untreated water
  • It clears out 99% of impurities of water such as clay, lead, sand, silt etc
  • Reduces the possibility of stone in our kidneys and gallbladder by making water pure from harmful particles
  • It helps us to develop our immune system by giving us clean water
  • Purified water is free from dirt and debris. Moreover, the new RO system is boasted with essential minerals which are necessary to maintain good health.

There are many ways to purify water, such as boiling water and using filters, but RO System is the modern technique to purify water. With the help of this technique, we can safely purify water without destroying the essential minerals of water. So let’s know about this system in detail.

Role Of Reverse Osmosis System In Water Purification

Simple water purifiers make the water clean from dirt and harmful particles. However, water which is purified by simple water purifiers is not clear from contaminated particles thoroughly. But the reverse osmosis system makes it possible. A simple water cleaner cannot remove deadly particles, ions and viruses altogether. The RO system uses different filters such as sediment filter, carbon filter and RO membrane. Sediment filters make water pure by reducing dirt, dust and risk.

Carbon filters help it remove chlorine and other contaminants that give water a bad smell and taste. A porous membrane in the water purifier brands also removes dissolved solids from the water and makes the water drinkable.

How does the RO System Work?

In RO, the process of water purification is done in such a manner that we get safe water without losing its essential minerals in a very budget manner. The reverse Osmosis system passes the water through a fine membrane with high pressure so that impurities of water can be removed in a more significant manner. Water is filtered through many stages. It works so effectively that the water impurities we cannot see directly with our eyes are eradicated.

Benefits of RO System

  • Consume less energy

RO System consumes less electricity. But other water purifiers consume more electricity. We have to pay high electricity bills.

  • Pocket friendly

We do not need to pay high expenses. We have to pay a reasonable price for a good R O system.

  • Provide Safe Water

The RO system provides us safe water which is pure for drinking. RO removes all the impurities from the water, which is dangerous to our health.

  • Develop Our Immune System

If we drink pure water, our immune system will grow. We will always remain healthy, fit and fine.

  • Beneficial for skin

We always want to look young and beautiful. It is only possible if we drink enough water. But water should be clean and pure; it is only possible with the help of the RO System.

  • Decrease The Possibilities Of Diseases

The Reverse Osmosis system removes all the impurities from the water, which causes many diseases like diarrhoea, cholera, and polio. It eliminates bacteria and viruses from the water, which we cannot see with naked water.

  • Easy Maintenance

Simple water purifiers need complex maintenance, but RO can be easily cleaned. We have to spend enough money to keep them maintained. But the Reverse osmosis system needs services twice a year.

Is There Any Demerit Of Having an RO System?

No, there is no particular demerit of the RO system. The only downside there is maximum wastage of water when reverse osmosis occurs. But you can use an alternative to store the waste store wastewater. Moreover, the process is time-consuming and may take more than an hour to fill the tank. Apart from this, some essential minerals also vanish during water purification, which might be necessary for our bodies.  RO Purifier takes too much time to filter water as compared to another purifier.

Bottom Line

The water purifier is necessary to purify water and convert hard water into soft water.  Moreover, the reverse osmosis system is also helpful to remove bacteria and other potential elements which may cause health issues.

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