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Why Do I Feel Tired? 7 Unusual Causes of Fatigue

Sometimes there are moments when we bring ourselves to a state of extreme devastation and exhaustion. Few life situations depress and exhaust us. And not others but we are ourselves to blame for this. We do not respect our own bodies and work on a tough schedule, eat unhealthy foods, and do not follow a healthy lifestyle.

And today we would like to explain to you where such a common condition called “fatigue” comes from. And, most importantly, how can you overcome it and return to an active life.

Causes of Fatigue

Here are some major causes of fatigue you should know about:

You Neglect Yourself

Sometimes, in a series of endless work, we forget that our body and mind are parts of a living person and not a robot with a perpetual motion machine. The body needs proper rest, so do not forget to allow yourself at least 1-2 hours a day of rest during tough work. This does not mean that you are doing less or that you are not doing your job well.

By focusing on meeting the interests and expectations of the people around you, you are trying to “jump over your head.” Do more than what is asked of you. But forget about yourself and it doesn’t go unnoticed.

It is necessary to nourish yourself with moments of solitude. Being alone with yourself (from time to time) is healthy and also balances your emotions.  Think about it and allow yourself what you really need. Focus on yourself!

You Drink Alcohol

One of the most common habits that steal away energy from your body is alcohol abuse or binge drinking. People who drink alcoholic beverages frequently are unable to stay attentive, focused, and full of energy. It happens because alcohol leads to the excretion of fluid from the body and also hinders the sleep cycle of a person. As a result, a person suffers from fatigue.

However, you can put an end to this problem by getting addiction treatment. Many people refrain from getting treatment due to its high cost. However, if you have United Healthcare insurance, you do not have to worry about the addiction costs.

One frequently asked question is: does united healthcare cover rehab in Rhode Island as it does in other states? So the answer is yes, it provides healthcare services across the nation, including Rhode Island. So get addiction treatment and get all your energy back!

You Focus On Things That Are Not In Your Control

Let’s face it. Most of us are simply obsessed with things that are out of our control.  In this way, we make a more serious mistake and waste time and energy on empty things. Well, for example, we do everything possible (and impossible) for our brother or friend to change his attitude towards something, his mood or behavior, just because it will be better for him. So he supposedly will become happier (from our point of view).

However, if they themselves do not want it, nothing will change from our words alone. Therefore, we should focus only on what is within our sphere of influence and control. Where we can see very definite results. Otherwise, we will just “beat our heads against the wall”, putting most of ourselves into something unreal.

You Always Have Too High Expectations

“If I do this, I will achieve something.” “If this person does me such a favor, what I want will happen.” “And if I achieve my goal, then happiness is guaranteed to me.” Yes, on the one hand, setting goals is necessary and even useful. The only thing is that we should control our expectations so that they are not too high and not dependent on other people.

Otherwise, there is a great risk that our expectations will not coincide with reality. Repeated failure and disappointment make a person tired and hopeless. So let’s learn to set realistic goals that are close to our reality. In this way, you will not feel fatigued but motivated to reach your goals.

You Do Not Listen To Yourself

The main purpose of our mind and our brain is to protect us. If you constantly feel tired, it means that there is a physical or emotional imbalance and you need to take some rest. We must not forget that not only physical pain but also mental suffering activates our brains in a certain way.

That is, we must stop and find the cause of the discomfort that has appeared. If you do not listen to yourself and do not pay attention to your tired body, then exhaustion will only increase. It will increase until it makes us truly helpless and defenseless.

You Do Not Take Yourself Seriously

You are a person who has achieved a lot. And you have already gone through many difficult life situations.  You have something that once allowed you to achieve good results and maybe you forgot about your importance? What have you done and what have you achieved?

  • Take yourself seriously and appreciate yourself
  • If you are tired, treat yourself to rest
  • If you’re worried, get yourself some rest
  • Confused? Allow yourself to relax and feel calm
  • If too much is asked and expected of you, free yourself from certain people and their influence)

If you have forgotten your worth, look inside yourself. Meet your inner self and make peace with yourself, with your emotions, and personality.

You Do Not Live In The Present

Living in the present is the ability to listen to your own body in order to give it everything it needs at any given moment.  If you need rest because you are tired, rest. Everything is very simple.

Do not think that I will take a rest after doing this work. Living consciously, being receptive to everything around you and to what you feel, you will find mental health and emotional balance. This should become your daily practice.

These were some unusual causes of fatigue, so get rid of them by following our advice. 

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