Why Companies Struggle To Communicate Work Expectations

Why Companies Struggle To Communicate Work Expectations

Have you ever worked for an employer that doesn’t seem to know what they want?  You’re not alone.  Some employers seem to hire, fire, and change work needs at the drop of a hat, and it can be really horrible to work through.

Here’s everything that can cause this behavior. 

Changing Goals With Changing Needs

Companies are learning in 2022 that they’ll either sink or swim based on what they decide to do with their employees.  Many changing goals and poor communication are because companies are trying to figure out what they can do without tanking the business.  This can be an exhausting thing to work through.

Wanting Employees to Offer More

Many companies don’t define the work expected of their employees: because they don’t want to limit what their employees do.  This might mean taking on some tech support responsibility as a customer service employee or having to take on sales associate roles as a cashier.  This gives the company the chance to keep workers in a more fluid state, covering many roles at once, which can help them avoid hiring more workers.

Watching for What’s Possible

Sometimes companies throw more work, or strange changes, into the mix to see what their employees are capable of.  This doesn’t mean they’ll keep this same level of work up forever, but they’re testing the waters to see what they can get away with.  This isn’t great for employees since too many changes without warning or explanation can leave them feeling powerless in their role as a worker.

Poor Management

Managers and supervisors are just people, and sometimes companies don’t do a great job promoting the ones that have the best interests in mind for the employees they’re overseeing.  Because of this, they’ll flounder and randomly seem to throw out responsibilities, meetings, paperwork, and changes, without any warning or training.  This can lead to employee burnout and can add to the many reasons an employee will quit their job.

Large Turnover

It’s harder to keep an employee onboard than ever before.  Since the Great Resignation of 2021, many employers are still feeling aftershocks of employees leaving in large numbers, or not even lasting to the 90-day mark.  Due to these recruiting challenges, companies are having to consolidate roles or leave employees with more work until they’re able to grab an employee that can fulfill what they need.  This has led to unpredictable work needs.

Unpredictable Market

The market continues to be unpredictable for both employers and employees.  This is a shift in how customers act, a shift in how far money can go, and a shift in how other companies are behaving.  This can lead to companies struggling to do everything they can to compete or change their practices to keep up with the game.  Although it’s not the best for employees, companies hope it will keep them afloat.

There’s Nothing Like Work to Keep You On Your Toes

Many jobs will expect you to deliver the best time and time again, regardless of what they deliver you.  Make sure to find a job that fulfills your needs as much as you fulfill them.