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Why are little ones attracted to music and dance?

Numerous online hobby classes are available in today’s times for little children. These include almost everything from music and dance to magic, cooking, phonics, storytelling, art and a lot more! Yet, there is something about music and dance that simply draws kids in large numbers. Platforms like Yellow Class have tons of kids activities at home although they also report children being hugely interested in pursuing some form of dance or music. Why is this so? To understand the phenomenon, we have to deeply look at the basic and intrinsic temperament and inclinations of human beings. You should know that human beings are naturally musical, creative and artistic. Even a baby in the mother’s womb will experience the rhythm of her heartbeat. It will hear and feel this sound and the emotion within the voice of the mother. When the baby is finally born, it creates its very first sound with its voice, the very first instrument. The voice is only used initially for asking for milk although the baby starts discovering its own unique sounds gradually before starting to compose, play and experiment.

Babies can start recognizing facial expressions from four months while also interpreting emotions. Laughter starts thereafter and babies start responding to songs with movements from six months onwards. Children start using their voice for responding and expressing but they also teach pulse, pattern, rhyme and structure, explaining why children get intrinsically attracted towards music and dance more than other activities.

Babies also create their own sense of choreography within the womb. They are kicking, stretching and making other movements naturally. When you baby is a newborn to an infant, try a baby swing that will lull them to sleep with relaxing music and rocking motions. Children love singing, especially with others and also dancing since they feel a positive burst of energy and stimulation that they cannot yet understand. Children embrace physical sensations and movement happily. Children also start growing their own spatial awareness through dancing while paying more attention to those who are sharing their space as well. Children who are also struggling to voice their feelings and express emotions may also readily gravitate towards music and dance. This is because these two activities give them ample scope to vent out the same. Hence, these are some of the key reasons why children absolutely love music and dancing alike and that too from very early ages onwards. Hence, as a parent, you should make sure that you harness and cultivate this inherent love of music and dancing from a very early age. This will serve to encourage children to keep exploring and finding their potential in these activities.

Play songs to your kids as much as possible. Encourage them to tap or hum along to the beat. Sing together for a better experience and more encouragement. Dance together and watch the magic unfold before your eyes! These are little things that you can do on your part.

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