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What is the USMLE Step 1 Exam? What is the Best Time to Take the Exam?

The USMLE Step I Is also known as the boards which is a standardized test for assessing a medical student’s ability to apply basic sciences in the practice of medicine. The entire examination has three steps but, in this article, we will discuss about step one examination. Students are eligible to take step one exam after their second year of medical school. The USMLE test one is administered by two boards— the national board of medical examiners (NBME) & the Federation of State Medical boards.

 The step one examination is a computer test held on a single day over eight hours. The question pattern is that of multiple-choice questions and includes seven sections containing 40 questions each. The total number of questions therefore is 280 and students have 1 hour for each section. That is 1 minute 30 seconds for every question approximately. 

Examinees are given 45 minutes of personal break time during the test. There is also an optional tutorial period of 15 minutes offered in the beginning of the exam and students who skipped the tutorial can add those 15 minutes to their total break time.

Students at a medical school or graduates in the US and Canada need to apply for the USMLE step one exam with the national board of medical examiners. 

For students outside the US or Canada, registration should be done via the educational commission for foreign medical graduates. Tests are conducted year-round by appointments.

What is the syllabus of USMLE-Step 1?

According to the USMLE step one exam outline, questions are classified out of basic sciences MD programs. The questions are mainly from areas like anatomy, biochemistry, microbiology, biostatistics, behavioural sciences, epidemiology, pathology etc.

Some questions are best to test the understanding of basic sciences and medicine in students. Most of the questions deal with the student’s abilities to solve problems using scientific methods.

 When should I take the USMLE–Step 1 test?

 Most medical students take the examination during their second and third year in medical school. By the second or third year, the basic science courses are mostly completed, and students prepare for clinical work experience.

 Many students take the exam two months after finishing their basic science courses as most of the material stays fresh on their minds, and with the couple month of studies they can perform successfully in the exams. By visiting this site you can know how to get grammarly premium for free.

Suit what works best for you but keep in mind that you will not be able to retake the step one exam if you are not happy with your marks. You can retake the exam only after compliance with some state board requirements.

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