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What is the similarity and difference between NDA and ACC Exams?

The exams conducted by NDA and ACC have various similarities and differences. The purpose of both these organizations is the same i.e. to serve the nation. The candidates are provided with the necessary training to join their respective academies after completing their training. Here, we will discuss about the differences and similarities of ACC and NDA exams.

Selection Procedure

When it comes to the selection procedure, both ACC and NDA have some similarities. Firstly, the candidates have to appear for the Written Exam and then the next step is the SSB Exam. But, there are some notable differences when it comes to details.

Written Exam for NDA

The written exam of NDA is segmented into two parts.

  • General Ability Test (GAT)
  • Mathematics

Along with that, the GAT is again divided into two sections.

  • General Knowledge and Awareness
  • English Test

Written Exam for ACC

  • General and Mental Ability Test
  • Interactive and Communicative English
  • General Awareness
  • Academic Content Test

As you can see from the above the initial process of selection is almost the same. But, as we move forward for the written exam, it gets bifurcated into different subjects.

Question pattern of ACC and NDA

The question pattern of both types of exams is extremely different. Also, you can see the marks distribution and duration of the NDA and ACC.

NDA Exam Question Pattern

Exam Subject Highest Marks Total Questions Exam Duration
Paper 1 Maths 300 120 2.5 hours
Paper 2 GAT 600 150 2.5 hours


ACC Exam Question Pattern

Subject No. of Questions Total Marks Marks for every Correct Answer
GMAT (General Mental Ability Test) 150 300 2


CGAT (Current and General Awareness Test) 150 300 2
ICE (Communicative and Interactive English) 90 Descriptive Questions and 120 objective questions 300 Descriptive Questions- 2

Objective Questions- 1

ACT (Academic Contest Test) 150 300 2


However, there are some similarities in NDA and ACC that we can find from the above question pattern. Read to know what are the crucial differences.

  • The written exam of the NDA and ACC exam contains objective questions. However, ACC written exam also contains descriptive questions.
  • The NDA exams are conducted in two languages. Also, you get negative marking for every wrong answer. While the questions in the ACC exam carry 2 marks each.
  • The ACC exam doesn’t conduct mathematics exams separately. But, mathematics is included in the ACT exam with other subjects i.e. humanities and general science.
  • Also, both the exams include a similar syllabus of English. But, the NDA exam also includes indirect and direct speech, tenses, homophones, etc.

SSB Interview at ACC and NDA

Another similarity between the NDA and ACC Exam is that they both conduct SSB interviews. The interview is conducted after the candidates qualify for the written exam.

ACC SSB Interview

For ACC SSB Interview, the process is conducted for up to 5 days. In these 5 days, the candidates are tested on various stages to observe their qualifications.

Stage/Day 1 Discussion and Picture Perception Test
Intelligence Test
Stage/Day 2 Group Task
Personal Interview
Physiological Test
Stage/Day 3 GTO Test
Stage/Day 4 Interview
Stage/Day 5 Conference


NDA SSB Interview

The SSB Interview of NDA is divided into two stages. They are-

Stage 1 OIR (Officer Intelligence Rating) Test
Description Test and Perception
Stage 2 Four Day Interview


Five Day Process:

Day 1 Screening Test
Day 2 Psychology Test
Day 3 and 4 Progressive Group Task, Group Discussion,  Final Task for Group, Lecturette
Day 5 Conference Day


Therefore, now you know that NDA and ACC Exams are similar in a lot of ways. But, there are significant details that set apart both the exams. Now, you can prepare accordingly and give the best for your NDA and ACC exams.

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