What is the best formula to give a baby from birth?

What is the best formula to give a baby from birth?

There is no doubt that the best food for a newborn is surely breast milk. That is why when looking for alternative feeding, you must check how close it is to human milk. It is impossible to completely repeat the amazing contents of breast milk, but modern technologies make it possible at least to reproduce a set of its most important components: proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. The formula that most closely resembles human milk is called adapted.

Milk formulas are similar in content to each other. However, it happens that some of them cause an allergy reaction. So the choice of formula must be approached very carefully, taking into account individual peculiarities of development of each baby. In order to minimize the probability of allergic reactions, you can focus on organic formulas. Organic are those foods made without GMOs, hormones, or steroids,  preservatives, or synthesizers that are harmful to immature infants’ organisms.

The best organic baby formula includes at least 95% natural products. What’s even more, to receive an organic mark, a brand has to prove that there are no detectable levels of pesticide(no more than 0.01 mg per kg). The European Commission also requires each organic food to have the addition of DHA. Let’s check what other useful components have to be in the formula contents.

Ingredients to look for in formula

  • Prebiotics help the growth of beneficial bacteria in the baby’s intestines. In the content, a special type of carbohydrates called oligosaccharides is added thanks to which, the baby’s digestive system works well.
  • Probiotics are living microorganisms (lacto- and bifidobacteria) that live in the intestines of each of us. They help digestion, fight intestinal infections and allergies, and strengthen the immune system.
  • Nucleotides are biological substances that are involved in the metabolism and supply of energy to cells, serve as building blocks for DNA and RNA, and support immunity. It is known that children who receive formulas with nucleotides develop and gain weight without any difficulties.
  • The fatty acid is long-chain polyunsaturated which is needed for metabolic processes.
  • Taurine is required for the formation of the central nervous system, vision, and brain as well as the absorption of minerals, proper digestion, and assimilation of fats.

Which components to avoid?

  • Palm oil. The presence of palm oil leads to poor absorption of сalcium which means that the strength of the bones decreases and the growth of the skeleton slows down. Besides, the functioning of the digestive system deteriorates and constipation occurs.
  • Gluten. The consumption of formula containing gluten by babies under one year can cause an allergic reaction and lead to disease. The point is that infants’ immature digestion system can’t absorb it so gluten is deposited on the walls of the intestine and significantly impairs its work.
  • Phytin. It is a form of storage of phosphorus in plants that reduces the intake of calcium and zinc, into the organism.

The signs of wrong selected formula

  • A child has constipation or diarrhea
  • There is a rumbling in the stomach, bloating, gas, colic, because of which a baby can cry during feeding or immediately after it
  • Frequent burping
  • Skin rashes

If these signs appeared during the first days when you start new feeding, do not hurry to immediately change it. Often, unpleasant symptoms disappear as soon as a kid gets used to the product.