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What Is Orthokeratology and Why It Is Important

Statistically, almost 1.5 billion people worldwide are suffering from an eye condition and require extensive treatment. Fortunately, the advancements in the field of technology have given way towards the creation of special optical solutions like the Ortho K.

Orthokeratology or Ortho K is a special procedure used to help reshape the cornea whenever you sleep at night with the help of a custom-fit lens. This procedure has many advantages, but you can never tell its benefits unless you have tried it yourself.

To help you through, here are some of the reasons why Orthokeratology is used nowadays:

It can help rectify some vision problems.

Ortho-K facilitates reshaping of the cornea to help fit a special contact lens which can only be used at night and removed during the day. One of the benefits of this is that it helps eliminate conditions like myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism, simultaneously giving you the comfort you have always wanted to experience.

This procedure can also help deter the progression of some vision problems among children, and you can try it out early to help prevent ocular damage.

It is convenient and offers more comfort.

Compared to the traditional contact lens, Orthokeratology offers a breakthrough that gives you more freedom during the day. Since you no longer have to wear it during the daytime, you can easily experience the comfort of not constantly looking after your lens.

It is practical and cost-effective.

Unlike traditional contact lenses and other optical solutions, orthokeratology is more practical and cost-effective. On average, the clearing effects of the procedure can last up until two full days, which means that you can get the best results for a justified price point. You can also get to experience problem fee vision in two days.

However, it is highly recommended to strictly adhere to your healthcare provider’s recommendations and see to it that you routinely keep the Ortho-k during the night. It will ensure that the effects will last and that you will get to experience the best experience. Do note that some insurance agencies do not cover the Ortho-k procedure, and you may have to pay for it yourself. The price you have to pay is worth it since you will get to have a hassle-free vision in no time.

It is good for kids

If you happen to have a kid or know someone who has early-onset problems related to their vision, you can recommend an Ortho-k procedure. Problems like myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism can be easily rectified using this procedure.

Ortho-k is a good alternative if you are not qualified for LASIK surgery. Athletes and those people who are actively involved in sports can effectively utilise this procedure since they would no longer be required to wear contact lenses during the day.

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Orthokeratology offers numerous advantages and is great for kids. It is a convenient solution that does not only help rectify some of the most common eye problems and gives the user a worry-free life.

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