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What is COVID-19? Discover its structure, prefix, and effects worldwide

COVID-19 is a very familiar word to all. The World Health Organization (WHO) recognized an innovative form of coronavirus named SARS-CoV-2. Coronavirus is an infectious virus that affects your muzzle, venous sinus, or else upper pharynx, and it is rapidly spread from one place to another in the world. COVID-19, firstly discovered in china, 2019. Now, this virus creates an epidemic situation globally. More than 188 countries suffer from huge losses such as sacrifices of lives, economic loss, difficulty in studies, etc. At this time, you know from here about COVID-19 structure, prefix, and effects globally.

COVID-19 structure, prefix, and effects worldwide

COVID-19 is a cluster of Ribonucleic acid (RNA) viruses that create sicknesses among mammals than birds. Mild illnesses in individuals contain particular cases about the usual cold. Coronavirus’s classification describes, such as its subfamily is Orthocoronavirinae, the family is Coronaviridae, the order is Nidovirales, then the kingdom is Riboviria. The range of COVID-19 genome dimensions around 26 to 32 kilobases, and it is one of the longest between RNA viruses. They also have distinguishing club formed thorns that scheme after their surface, also generate an image meaningful of the astral corona through an electron micrograph. 

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The earliest warning sign of COVID-19 contains Illness, Cough, briefness of snort, the problem in breathing, Weakness, Anxieties, occasionally through shaking, Physique aches, Pain, Painful pharynx, Damage of aroma or else taste, Vomiting, Looseness. This virus also causes pneumonia, breathing failure, infected shock, even death. Moreover, this virus affects development and developing countries. After the outbreak of COVID-19, the government of every country announced “Lockdown.” It creates damage to economic growth, studies, medical conditions, etc. Significantly, poor people are not able to go for a job and fail to earn money. They also struggle for their food—it to a significant effect on economic growth. Students also suffer from this. Most of them are not able to continue their studies. 

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