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Use water to wash the bidet toilet seat after the toilet. You may have seen bidet toilet seat in your travels, especially in Europe, as they are very common in most parts of the world outside of North America. You have also probably seen bidets if you travel in Asia, they are sometimes called smart toilet or washlet .

In North America, bidets are still in their infancy. Our understanding of bidets is really limited to laughing at jokes about them. But what does the world know that we don’t? Is American anatomy different from the rest of the world? Of course not! As we learn more about this incredible device, its popularity is sure to grow. The features, benefits and convenience of the bidet are undeniable.

When people hear of a bidet, many of them usually think of a porcelain bidet . This type of bidet is actually a separate fixture that stands next to the toilet. An electronic bidet can be installed on top or attached to an existing toilet.


The bidet combination is rapidly gaining popularity in the United States as more and more people are realizing the benefits of using these particular types of toilet systems. Issues of advanced hygiene, conservation and ease of use are bringing it to the forefront when it comes to remodeling a bathroom, designing a new one or adding new accessories

Especially people with disabilities can appreciate the benefits of a combined toilet bidet, which is a combination of a traditional bowl and a French bidet in one system.

The bidet is a typical European toilet that has been installed in homes and public places for many years. It is a convenient paperless way to wash after the toilet.

As in America, using a bidet is a matter of custom and habit. In countries where a bidet is available in every home, it is difficult to change one’s habits and they will use the bathroom sink as a bidet if there is no other alternative.

Various functions are available

Many different functions are available in different models, for example:

  • front and rear nozzles for warm water
  • portable bidets
  • automatic dehumidifiers
  • heated seats 
  • deodorants

Typical prices

Prices, of course, are reflected in how luxurious or basic the model you choose is, and can range from $300 to $500 for a basic toilet/bidet combination to over $1,500 for designer models. 

While the benefits of installing a toilet bidet for normal home use are obvious, there are even more important benefits for people with disabilities. When building a new bathroom for people with disabilities or upgrading a toilet for people with disabilities, you may want to consider installing this type of toilet system for maximum overall utility.

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