What Features should You Prioritize in a Laptop?

What Features should You Prioritize in a Laptop?

In 2022, there’s an immense range of laptops to choose from in an increasingly crowded marketplace. For people that aren’t very tech-savvy, buying a new laptop can often be a confusing process where it’s difficult to know what product best suits your needs. From netbooks to flagship premium models, the specifications and features offered can vary enormously, as can the price. This article will be of great benefit to consumers who are seeking to buy a first laptop or replace an old model that no longer performs effectively. It sets out three distinct types of users and the features that should be prioritized for each main type of application.


Many people want to take a laptop with them when traveling. This can be vital for business trips when presentations need to be created or to stay on top of important emails when away from the office. Holidaymakers increasingly take laptops on vacations to have extra form of entertainment when traveling or for a quiet evening at a hotel. In addition, the rise of digital nomad culture has seen a growing number of people take their laptops abroad so they can work remotely and travel the world at the same time. Click here to learn more about digital nomads.

In all these instances of needing a laptop whilst traveling, there are two key features that should be prioritized. Firstly, a compact and lightweight laptop is essential for travel, such as those in the Lenovo range of laptops. Smaller, lighter laptops make travel far easier and can lead to only requiring in-flight luggage, which saves time and money. Secondly, a long battery life should be considered for laptops for traveling. A battery life of ten to twelve hours is a good starting point, but some models offer even greater power reserves, making them ideal for extended travel.


If you want to play the latest video games in high resolution and with smooth frame rates, two of the most important considerations are the central processing unit (CPU) and the graphics capabilities. For demanding and memory intensive games, a multi-core CPU is vital to allow a smooth play of the latest titles. A minimum of four cores should be considered for older titles, but eight or more cores may be required to handle the most demanding games. See here for more information on CPUs for gaming use. In terms of the graphics processing, a dedicated graphics card is an ideal solution as it’ll have its own onboard memory, meaning it isn’t drawing memory away from the CPU.

Occasional use and surfing

For laptop users who only intend to do less demanding tasks such as surfing the internet and occasional use that isn’t gaming-related, there is some good news. Today’s budget models are more than capable of handling these types of applications and tasks such as word processing and emailing. In fact, a low-end netbook-style laptop will be more than capable of handling such basic tasks. In these circumstances, the main factor to consider is the price of the laptop rather than high-end components or the laptop’s dimensions and battery life. There are a wide range of budget laptops available online or in-store that are inexpensive and will provide years of service for basic computing tasks.

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