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What can I put on my boyfriend’s advent calendar?

The season of Advent is almost here again, and the confusion is often what to get your partner. Men often have a lot of options when it comes to what Advent gifts to give their ladies. However, ladies often don’t know the kind of advent gifts to buy their spouse or boyfriend.

Boxers, singlets, or colognes are the most common gifts ladies buy for their partners. Read and learn some of the best gifts you can attach to your boyfriend’s advent calendar.

A handwritten love note

Gifting your boyfriend a handwritten love note is a good way to show your love. When it is handwritten, it makes him feel like it came from the heart. Expressing your feelings to your boyfriend in a handwritten note will warm his heart.

Home video console

A game console is one of the best gifts you can put in your boyfriend’s advent calendar. Most men love to play video games when they are less busy. A video console attracts his friends to come visit. Therefore, he may not have to go out visiting his friends all the time.

A new pair of shoes

The average man is alright with just two pairs of shoes. Women buy different colors of shoes to match their outfits. A man needs black and brown shoes, which are good to go. Surprise your boyfriend or spouse with a new pair of shoes. Firstly, check your boyfriend’s size before you go shoe shopping. You can opt for grey, black, or brown shoes with a different pattern. Interestingly, whenever your boyfriend wears the shoes, he will remember you.

Movie tickets

Buy a movie ticket for your boyfriend to see his favorite movie or one of the latest. Obviously, you must accompany him to the cinema to watch the movie. It’s also a good way to spend some time with your boyfriend. Before you buy a movie ticket, make sure it’s for a day he will be free from work. Opt for evening tickets.

Personalized Christmas items

Take a step further and customize a Christmas item for your boyfriend. You can engrave your boyfriend’s name on a mug, pen, or any other item he uses often. This is a good way to personalize the gift and show love. Don’t forget to add a small note on the item. Furthermore, the item mustn’t be so expensive, but ensure he uses it often.


The perception some women have is that men don’t like chocolate. Men love to eat chocolate, but it’s classified as a woman’s thing. Add a chocolate to your advent calendar gift. Your man may bite just a few times and leave the remaining for you.


The best part of Advent is that it’s a season of giving gifts. Adding any items highlighted to your boyfriend’s advent calendar will make him feel loved. Warm your boyfriend’s heart with any of these items, and be sure to receive more. Finally, get more ideas from all-advent-calendar.co.uk and spice up your advent package for your loved ones.

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