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What are personal IPv4 proxies and for what purposes are they used

Any device that connects to the Internet has its own personal IP address. Regardless of the fact that he changes passwords, enters a website or a social network under different accounts, etc., the IP address remains unchanged. However, there are situations when you want to hide or change it.

Moreover, this is not always associated with something illegal, and so on. This is often required in order to gain access to a site that is blocked in the country in which the user is located. Or, it is needed to complete mass mailing, leave feedback from various people, and so on. You can solve this problem without changing your computer or smartphone and without using a large number of different devices using personal ipv4 proxies. A wide range of private fast proxies are presented on the website proxy-seller.com.

What technology is this

This standard was developed back in 1981.

Ipv4 guarantees complete user privacy. This is achieved due to the fact that the server cannot determine the real IP address of the computer.

The server sees only the data of the used proxy, GEO and IP address. The ipv4 protocol makes it possible to:

  • Connect and use the Internet at a very high speed;
  • To support the most number of websites;
  • 32-bit capacity.

The 6th version is considered to be better.

However, it is the 4th version that is popular with the overwhelming majority of users, cause the IPv6 protocol still isn’t supported by the many websites.

What is it used for

If you try to explain it as simply as possible, a personal ipv4 proxy is the same IP address as yours, but not a real one. You can use it to hide your real IP. For example, a user was banned from a website or forum for spam or for some other reason.

But he hasn’t said everything yet. He has the opportunity to return there under a new nickname, without changing the device with which he connected to the Internet. You just need to change the IP address.

Although, ipv4 is rarely used for these purposes. These are mainly SMM pros, marketers, and e-commerce and other specialists. Who cheat or use bots, write reviews, send mass mailing of letters and messages from different addresses. All this is necessary so that the resource in which all this is carried out does not see excessive activity from one IP and does not block it.

Also, it is suitable for the purpose of just a simple series or movies watching if the certain website or service has been banned – the proxy will help to bypass the block and allow the user to enjoy the service.

The server sees that these are different PCs and IPs located generally in different countries of the world. Therefore, no suspicion or blocking. This is much cheaper than buying 50-100 computers or smartphones to use a separate device for each operation. You can use the capabilities of ipv4 by contacting a specialized company. All this can be done via the Internet. There will also be detailed instructions.

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