WFH Furniture Ideas To Create A Productive Workspace

WFH Furniture Ideas To Create A Productive Workspace

Like others, are you still working from home? If yes, the immediate question is, have you invested in work-from-home furniture or are you still working from your bed or sofa? If the answer to this is yes again, then you are at the right place. Read below to learn more about WFH furniture ideas that help you improve your productivity and work-life balance. Once you go through these ideas, check out some of the trendy and functional WFH furniture at Wakefit .

Tips for an Optimal Home Office Setup

The home office setup should be done bearing in mind the productivity, and hence it has to be functional. Here are a few tips for an optimal setup to achieve that purpose:

  1. More often than not, urban Indian homes will not have a separate office room. So make use of some smart designs like using a table those folds into the wall. Use an ergonomic office chair, and your work life is just a fold away from your home life.
  2. Increase storage space by identifying areas where you can add shelves and other storage accessories as per needs. If the square footage in your office area is less, you can use vertical walls. But ensure that the WFH furniture online that you buy does not occupy the workspace.
  3. Keep your home office organised. Ensure that the space is clean, neat, and manageable. When the home office is messy, the brain looks for spaces like the bed or couch. So for your mental health, ensure the WFH furniture is tidy.

Work-from-home Furniture

Space Saving Study Table

If you are setting a home office in a small spare room or even under the stairs, you will be looking for ways to incorporate the office table and chair along with some storage. One of the best ways to do that is to have a space-saving study table. It can also turn your messy office desk into a masterpiece when you buy a table with shelves and drawers. It holds ample space to store your office supplies and also acts as a display unit for your favourite collectables. You can also use it as a space divider if you have a large room.

Make your Desk a Style Statement

Has your sofa become your office? Then it is time to invest in a good desk. As you continue to work from home, the lines between work and home life have blurred. If you are eating, working, and entertaining at the same place, there has to be a change in environment. Why not work in style by investing in a stylish study table and chair? That not only gives you a separate workspace, but it can also improve the aesthetics of the space with its stylish design.

Add a Dash of Colour

A bland and boring home office design can leave you demotivated to work. Add a pop of colour by being creative and bold, promoting creativity and productivity. If you don’t have the luxury of painting a wall or adding wallpaper, the easy option is to include a bold-coloured chair. It can make for an inspiring piece of WFH furniture. Opt for a simple design for a chair with a vibrant colour to get a contemporary office furniture look.

Brighten your Office

Bright ideas come when the office is bright. So ensure that your home office has the best lighting. When you are sitting in a dark and enclosed space, you feel trapped in a box, But proper natural lighting and overhead lighting prevent that feeling and help you become more creative. You can have a study lamp if you want to create more functional lighting. It can enhance your mood and also brighten the workspace at the same time.

Use the Best Home Office Chair

Working in an ordinary chair for long hours can damage your back and the body. Especially when you are working late at night hunching your back, you will need an ergonomic chair that offers ample support so that you can focus on your work and say goodbye to achy joints. Some of the things to look for in an office chair are:

  1. Adjustable seat: An adjustable height allows the person to sit perfectly, as no two people are alike. The important thing is to be able to rest the feet on the floor. The knees should be bent slightly below the hips for good posture.
  2. Lumbar support: Many chairs offer curved back support, but that’s not enough. It should be adjustable so that it fits the user’s needs. Not having proper lumbar support can cause back pain. To prevent that, use a chair with good lumbar support.
  3. A swivel base: When you are working, you rarely sit still. You need to move around. So having a swivel base is the best office chair for everyone.

Add Bookshelves

Books inspire and motivate people. Having a bookshelf is an ideal addition to WFH furniture. You can show off your book collections and display artwork and other decors. Opt for a stylish bookshelf that can be used as a shelving unit lifeline hospital.

Once you have the basic home office design, you are set up for a productive day. You can adjust things per your needs and add or remove things as you move along. Whatever you do, ensure that it is personalised and streamlined to create a positive vibe. That helps to focus and be more productive even when working from home bitsandboxes.