Water damage

Air conditioning units are expensive pieces of equipment. If you have an indoor or outdoor unit, you can suffer from aircon water leak just because of a leaking air conditioner. The outside part is self-explanatory, but if your indoor unit has any kind of leak it will result in wet carpets and drywall, which is extremely costly to repair. Even worse is the mold growth that follows the water damage; this deadly substance causes respiratory problems and other health risks .

This might seem like an exaggeration but, mold spores travel through small cracks and crevices; this makes them difficult to contain (and kill). For example, if you have an AC unit in your home and there is an aircon water leak due to a hole or crack, the mold spores will spread throughout your house. Therefore, it is best to call a professional ASAP when you suspect an issue with your AC unit!

Excess energy costs

If you don’t fix or replace your broken AC unit in time there’s no telling what kind of expenses will stem from it. When the compressor on most units’ cracks or becomes damaged because of prolonged exposure to harsh weather conditions (windstorm, lightning strikes , etc.), they will stop cooling entirely. That means that your air conditioner becomes 100% useless until you get it fixed. If this happens during the summer months-when electricity demand are at their highest-you will spend a lot of money on your monthly utility bill.

Infrared repair costs

The more you neglect your air conditioner, the worse it becomes and the more money you’ll spend to get it fixed at a later date. Although many cooling systems are now compatible with infrared repair , it is still costly if something goes wrong once again after that service call. The last thing you want is to have to have another service call for an AC unit that has been leaking water all over your floor! That being said, it’s much better having one or two extra repairs done on your home appliance than paying thousands of dollars in water remediation services because of a breakdown caused by not fixing your AC unit when it first broke down due to a leak .

Home warranty won’t cover it

If your air conditioner is broken and you live in a home with a Home Warranty program, don’t expect to get any money back from them. Why? Well, because despite what many people think Home Warranty companies do not cover the cost of general repairs . When we say “general,” we mean that this covers everything (AC units included) except structural damage such as wall or roof replacement. If your air conditioner breaks down prematurely due to any kind of maintenance issue , you will be able to get it fixed free-of-charge; but if it simply has a leak and stops cooling the entire house, the repair costs will be on you!

Air conditioners are not cheap

That being said, you can save a lot of money by regularly maintaining your AC unit if it has not been done already. If you are not sure how often this should be done, ask your service company during their next visit! Of course, paying for repairs is unavoidable at some point-and the damage may be more severe than others. Be sure to call around for quotes before settling on one provider so that you can see all of your options . It might also help to keep the following list in mind.