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Various Uses of Mobile Phones

Social Network :

People spent time on social media by their mobile phone. There are many social networks which is used by people. But Facebook and Twitter are the most used social network.

Facebook :

Facebook is the biggest social network. You can connect with anyone in your Facebook account.

At first, you have to ensure that your phone has internet connection. Then you have to create a Facebook account. Then you have to find whom you want. If you find him then you have to give him friend request. If he accepts then you can talk with each other. Facebook Messenger has audio and video calling option. You can talk with your friend via audio or video call.

It has seen that about 2.6 Billion people are the monthly user of Facebook. About 1 billion users are getting active always. They are called active users. 2.26 Billion of them use Facebook by their phone.

1.59 Billion people use Facebook daily by their phone.

People use their mobile phone scrolling Facebook for a huge time.


Twitter is one of the most popular social network. 330 Million people are the monthly active Twitter users. 80% of them use Twitter by phone. It proves huge a number of people spent their time on Twitter by mobile phone.

From this we get people spent their most of the time on social media on their mobile phone.

Listening Music 

People use their mobile phone listening songs. Every phone has a music player app or system. You can easily listen any song which you have from that player.

People download their favorite songs from many sites and listen via their phones.

From a source, we get people are spending around 18, hours a week listening to music by their mobile phone, and the time is getting higher day by day.

Watching Movie 

Every smartphone has a video player. By this you can see any videos what you have.

People watch movies on their phone. In fact, maximum American people watch TV on mobile phone. About 88% American use mobile phone or tablet to watch TV.

Taking Photo 

People spend their time in taking photos by their phone. The time is unknown by everyone that how much time people send to take photos in mobile phone.

But you can understand the time if I say in 2017, 1.2 trillion photos have taken by mobile phone in the whole world. It’s really shocking.

You will be surprised if I say that 3 billion images have taken every day by mobile phone. So, think about the time.

Without these we spent our time on mobile phone with doing many things. But these are the major time spending unit. We use these things mostly.

Mobile phone is a necessary thing for all of us. In a research we got that, every person spend about 3 hours and 15 minutes every day on their mobile phone. It’s really huge number of time.

We use mobile phone for our necessity. We use mobile phone to connect with our family, friend and so on.

Mobile Phones are very special to us. When we are far from our family, mobile phone gives us the opportunity to connect with our family. Without mobile phone, we have no opportunity to connect with our family.

Many people live in abroad. Mobile phone is the only scope to him with what he can connect with his family, talk with his family, can see his family members. So, mobile phone is very important and special to us.

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