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UX Design Mistakes to Avoid: Mobile App Development Guide

As of the first quarter of 2021, there are around 3.48 million apps in Google Play Store and 2.22 million apps in Apple App Store. The numbers indicate the fierce competition in the market and that it’s time to equip your app with the best of everything! As you can understand, user experience speaks the final word to determine the popularity of an app and the success of a business. The last thing you want is to drive away your potential audience with some silly UX design mistakes.

As a leading mobile app development company, we took it on ourselves to point out some common UX design mistakes that you must avoid while building a mobile app. Let’s get started.

Common UX Design Mistakes to Avoid – Complete Checklist 

  • Unimpressive First Impression 

The first impression is what encourages people to dive deeper into an application. A monotonous visual doesn’t allure people to use the app. Pay attention to keeping people hooked to the app right from the time of installation.

A detailed onboarding will help to create a delightful user journey. It will give an overview of the app and make people familiar with the features and functionality. Instead of showing a video where the users remain passive, you can encourage them to actively participate. For instance, let them drag an item, touch an option, and slide through some elements. It will give a better introduction to your app. However, make sure to limit the onboarding process within 3-4 steps and show a progress bar to indicate how far the users have to go before getting started.

  • Complex User Interface 

Many often favour a complex interface considering a simple one may not engage the users.

Let us debunk this myth!

Today’s consumers live a fast-paced life and they want everything quick and seamless. A simple and sophisticated user interface is what they need.

An interface too complicated to navigate instantly provokes the users to abandon and install your competitors’ apps. Make sure that all the features in the app are directed towards a purpose. Remember, the users are not here to appreciate the complexity of the over-the-top features of your app. They are here to meet their demands and your app should make that happen without any hassle.

Intuitiveness, simplicity, and glitch-free functionality – that’s the perfect combo for any app.

  • Poor Layering 

This is an extension of the earlier point. However, it is a bit more technical. Chalking out the user flow is paramount while structuring the app architecture. It will help you to connect each step and lead the users to a bigger goal.

A mobile app demands you to build three layers – presentation, business, and data access. The presentation layer is concerned with the aesthetics of the app. The business layer focuses on functionalities. And the data access layer helps to secure data transaction and storage.

  • Ignoring User Feedback 

The word UX underlines the importance of the users. If you want to please your users, it’s time to incorporate user feedback into your app. The experts of mobile app development services can use their years of experience to integrate features and functionalities that may work for you. But your users can inform what is working and what not.

Have you noticed how most of the popular applications look quite different from the day they started? That’s because they adapted according to the users’ concerns.

From look to features and functionalities – the more you listen to feedback and implement, the better it is. It will also make your users feel valued and that will bring the app closer to them.

  • A Clone App of Your Competitors 

Before developing an app, it’s indeed recommended to check out a few apps from your competitors who are already ruling the market. That way, you can get an idea of what may work and what not.

However, merely imitating all the features of the app will only affect your app’s originality and demand. If the users get the same thing as they are getting from your competitors, why would they install your app? Therefore, your app must offer something unique and extra that encourage the users to go for it.

Here’s an example for your better understanding. When we talk about social media application, Facebook must pop up in your mind. Now search for apps similar to Facebook and you will come across lots of names that you may not have even heard of!

That’s the takeaway – make sure that your app has something extra to offer so that you don’t get lost in the crowd. It will enhance the user experience.

  • Push Notifications – Lots of It 

Push notification can be an amazing marketing tool and increase user engagement. But you need to be extremely careful while handling it. Too many irrelevant notifications from an app may irritate the users and lead them to turn off notifications altogether.

Therefore, notify only about the things that matter, say, new updates or promotion. You can also use it for remarketing and inspire the users to visit the cart & complete the purchase.

  • Compatibility Issue 

An app doesn’t work in isolation. The benefit of developing a mobile app is that you can leverage the inbuilt features of the mobile. For instance, a chatting app may utilize the contacts in the device. A photo editing app may use the device camera. A food delivery app may access geolocation to instantly locate an address. Therefore, make sure that your app is compatible with the features of the device.

  • Inconsistent Branding 

Okay this is the final (and a terrible one!) UX mistake you can make on your app. Remember, an app is an integral part of your brand. It should be in sync with your website, brochure, and overall brand identity. From colour scheme to font, logo to content for a major part – ensure consistency throughout your application so as to drive familiarity and recognition.

Closing Thoughts 

These are some of the common UX design mistakes that you can avoid only with a little attention. This is where professional app developers may come to your aid. Well-versed with the industry best practices, the experts will offer a seamless user experience on your app.

Got a thought? We are hearing!

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