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Use of Ignition Interlock Devices to Reduce Drunk Driving Accidents

Recent research suggests that ignition interlocks could be the solution to lowering drunk driving accidents. If you haven’t heard of these gadgets, it’s time to learn more about them. Ignition devices stop drunk drivers from starting their vehicles if their blood-alcohol content after blowing into the gadget is higher than a predetermined limit. Every state should strive to impose ignition interlock requirements on every first DUI suspect. Detailed information on these devices is provided below.

What is an interlock device?

This is a simple car breathalyzer that gauges the quantity of alcohol available from a driver’s breath. In its most basic form, an interlock device is a breathalyzer installed in a vehicle that stops a user from getting into the car until a breath test has been completed.

How does the device work?

An ignition interlock device requires you to blow into a mouthpiece to measure your Breath Alcohol Concentration (BrAC) to start a car. The engine cannot start if the gadget notices a BrAC above a threshold the monitoring authority sets. In most DUI cases, ignition interlock is either a required or an option, based mainly on the rules established by the state or local DUI Attorney programs. Ignition Interlock laws exist in every state, albeit they have different requirements.

Why is an interlock device important? 

An interlock device determines whether you will drive your vehicle or not. Below are reasons why the gadgets are worth installing in personal vehicles or even public ones.

  • Predict future DUI offenses 

An ignition interlock device can assist predict the behavior of DUI offenders since it can save your breathalyzer results. Regulators can identify patterns in the data they receive and estimate the likelihood of future offenses. The information gathered from the interlock device can be utilized to decide whether and when you will be granted driving privileges.

  • Assurance to loved ones

If you have a family, you understand how crucial it is to have peace with a loved one’s behavior. For instance, having an IID in your automobile ensures that, even if you drink, it won’t drive, which reduces the likelihood of crashes.

  • Beneficial for a business 

Every company has a reputation they need to uphold. Accidents involving drunk drivers while employed by your firm can seriously harm the goodwill and reputation of a company.

Personnel and assets need to be protected in addition to their reputation. Using an interlock device guarantees that your business is free of such problems. Additionally, using an interlock device can lower insurance costs.

It’s affordable 

The cost of the ignition interlock device is reasonable compared to the alternative punishments that the court may impose on you for a DWI, such as heavy fines and other penalties. Installing and maintaining the ignition interlock device will cost you some money, but in the long run, it aids you avoid costly critical occurrences.

Final thoughts

Ignition interlock checks to see if you’ve had any alcohol in your system. It stops your automobile from starting if it finds alcohol. An ignition interlock device won’t stop your car while driving, even though you must take periodic tests while on the road.


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