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Types of Hammers and All You Need to Know about Them

Destruction hammers are tools used by several personnel in demolitions of various structures and building. It’s a tool that males work more easy and also conserves time by ensuring that minimum time is spent on a project.

There are several models and makes of these hammers that aid in the demolition process. It’s in accordance to their features and also the type of work that they are appropriated for, they are designed to fit in their area of speciation.

Just like all others tools, hammers are designed in a special way to enable them to perform it’s functions better. Depending on the type of work it is designed for, its structure and appearances will also vary as a result of using various materials to make it.

When different materials are raised there will be a difference in appearance these different types of hammers will be seen. The following types of hammers have been discussed below.

Electric Hammer

The electric hammer is the most common type of hammer since it uses electricity as a source of energy. Since electricity is readily available and can be accessed by several technicians it’s the most preferred source of energy and people will settle for tools that use electricity over other sources of energy. The price of electric energy is also cheap compared to the sources.

It is easy to operate and works at a reliable rate thus favorable to both the client and the technician. Its cost of maintenance is low.

Pneumatic Hammer

Was invented by Charles Brady in the 1990s and it uses compressed air to fuel It. Ituses compressed air to drive it in percussion mechanism and enables it to drill with much ease. It is the most reliable and also the recommended demolition hammer since it uses compressed air making it more environmentally friendly than the rest of the hammers that are used for the same functionality.

It is environmentally friendly as it does not emit harmful waste into the air nor does it use toxic products that can course Harm the operator.

Hydraulic hammer

Just as the name suggests, the hydraulic hammer uses the hydraulic system for itsoperation, though not that common it’salso friendly to the environment. It is easier to maintain since it is cheap and also uses a cheap source of energy.  It’s though not as reliable as the electric and the pneumatic systems that are more powerful and also friendly to their users.

A consultation before choosing the type of hammer that one might use in the demolition process will be better than just making uninformed choices which might end up being inappropriate to the type of work that they ought to have handled with much ease.

Visiting a specialist or just calling your technician to enquire about the type of tool they might need to complete a piece of the job will be better than just purchasing a tool without information.

To summarize, it is advisable to consider the type of energy you’ll require to operate a driller and also the impacts of its wastes on the person operating it and the environment at large. Make informed choices and ask for assistance from those with experience in thisfield.

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