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Types of Accounts to Open with IIFL- Details & Advantages

IIFL Securities Ltd is formerly known as India Infoline Ltd. It was established in 1995. Currently, it is among the leading financial service firms in India.

Mentioned below are the services provided by IIFL Securities –

  1. Non-Banking and Housing Finance
  2. Wealth and Asset Management
  3. Broking
  4. Financial Product Distribution
  5. Investment Banking
  6. Institutional Equities
  7. Realty and Property Advisory Services

IIFL Securities is a full-service stockbroker that helps you invest in the Stock Market. They provide various facilities to ensure you make profitable trades.

Demat Account

A Demat account is used to store shares and other securities in the Dematerialised form. You will have to open a Demat account in any two depositories, such as National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL) and Central Depository Services India Limited (CDSL). The purpose of NSDL and CDSL is to maintain Demat accounts in India. They follow the guidelines of the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) for maintaining Demat accounts. IIFL Securities serves as a Depository participant that will allow you to open a Demat account.

The advantages of having a Demat account with IIFL Securities are –

  1.  You can store different types of securities like Shares, Bonds, Mutual Funds, etc.
  2. You can keep all your securities in one place.
  3. You don’t have to pay for  Stamp  Duty for sharing or transferring your Security.
  4.  It is impossible to tamper with shares or carry out fraudulent activities due to the paperless process.
  5. You can get easy access to your portfolio.
  6. You can manage your portfolio efficiently.
  7. Your securities will get automatically credited or debited.
  8. There are low Annual  Maintenance  Fees (AMCs).

Trading account

A trading account allows traders or investors to trade in various financial assets like shares, commodities, futures, options, etc. With the help of a Trading account, you can buy and sell securities. After purchase, you can store it in your Demat account. For selling, you will have to transfer your security from your Demat account to your Trading account.

IIFL Securities provides a 2-1 account opening facility, including a Demat account and a Trading account. After opening both accounts, you will have to link to your Bank account.

The advantages of having a Trading account with IIFL Securities are –

  1. Trade for securities in the following exchanges-
  • Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd (MCX)
  • Indian Commodity Exchange (ICEX)
  • National Commodity and Derivative Exchange (NCDEX)
  • Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE)
  • National Stock Exchange (NSE)
  1. Trade in for Equity on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and the National Stock Exchange (NSE).
  2. Trade smoothly without any difficulties
  3. They have a mobile app called IIFL Securities – Stocks, Demat, Mutual Fund, IPO available in the Google play store.  It enables you to trade from the comfort of your home or anywhere.
  4. They offer IIFL Trader Terminal to invest or trade using your Desktop.
  5. There are fewer brokerage fees that ensure you keep maximum profits.
  6. There will be transparency about all the charges, including taxes.

Upon opening a Demat account with IIFL Securities, you will get personalised services. They also provide the stock suggestion service based on your risk appetite, along with portfolio assessment and management. They also have an award-winning research team providing a detailed analysis of companies and their stocks listed on the Stock Market. They provide financial reports regularly and the latest news daily regarding different exchanges and the performance of various securities.

Open a Demat account with IIFL Securities today and embark on your journey to gain financial freedom.

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