Torontobased tealbook series ten capital 73m wiggersventurebeat

Torontobased tealbook series ten capital 73m wiggersventurebeat

Getting started in business isn’t easy, especially when you’re still learning the ropes, but you don’t have to give up. VentureBeat is an online community where you can network with other entrepreneurs and learn the business tips you need to succeed.

About the author

Originally, Namita Gupta Wiggers was to pursue a career in art history. She studied at the University of Chicago, and had planned to focus on Asian-American art. However, she secured a research assistantship with a number of anthropologists, and changed her career path to interdisciplinary studies. Her research focused on South Asian immigrants. The immigrants brought a variety of items from their homes to the U.S., including textiles, murti, and small Hindu statues. In order to understand how these objects were shaped and transformed, Wiggers did research on the craftscape, or the “social objects” that constitute the aesthetic and cultural landscape of everyday life. She interviewed a variety of people, including South Asian immigrants, artists, and other cultural groups.

Her dissertation is based on a series of interviews with South Asian immigrants, and the craftscape is the focus of her research. Wiggers does not believe that craft is art, or that it can attain a certain “status of art.” Instead, she says that she wants to study the craftscape as a way of describing and telling stories about the world.

About VentureBeat

Earlier this year, I was lucky enough to attend the VentureBeat Transform 2021 conference, where I learned about a few of the most exciting developments in the field of artificial intelligence. I also learned that there are several tools available to help address some of the risky AI deployments, such as the recent decision by OpenAI to disband its robotics team. I was curious to see how these tools can be applied to make the process safer and more effective. I was also excited to learn about a half-day content program at the event aimed at helping AI leaders and technologists make the most of their time.

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