Torontobased 50m Series Coves Capital 73m Wiggersventurebeat

Torontobased 50m Series Coves Capital 73m Wiggersventurebeat

Whether you are an investor or a follower of VentureBeat, you have probably heard about Kyle Wiggers, the guy behind the site. He’s an incredibly successful investor, and he’s been able to turn his experience into success for others. But who is he?

About the author

Described as an ‘adventure fiction writer’, William S. Burroughs explored the jungles of the unconscious through writing. His life was no less adventurous than Tarzan’s. He was also an ‘adventure sculptor’, whose works were designed to enact the ‘adventure’ of their own creation.

After working for two years as a research assistant for a noted anthropologist, Namita Gupta Wiggers decided to make a career switch and pursue interdisciplinary studies. She began her studies in art history at the University of Chicago. She planned to pursue a PhD in art history and focus on contemporary Asian American art. But the more she looked, the more she realized that the field of art history didn’t actually address the question of how art can be incorporated into everyday life. Thus she started a research project focused on South Asian immigrants who transformed American homes. Using interviews, photographs, and objects from their home, Wiggers uncovered the ‘craftscape’, which is defined as “a social space encompassing narratives, histories, and social objects”.

In 2010, Wiggers patented the term ‘craftscape’ to describe this space. She’s not sure whether a craft can be ‘art’ and whether it’s a’signifier’ of art. She’s interested in moving beyond the craft-art dichotomy, and she’s particularly interested in craft’s role as an ‘adventure’ in everyday life.

About VentureBeat

Whether you know him as a gadget blogger or the co-host of The VentureBeat Show, you probably know Kyle Wiggers from one thing: He writes about artificial intelligence. His stories have been published in a wide range of gadget blogs, including TechCrunch and Digital Trends, and he has appeared on the VentureBeat podcast as well. Currently, he lives in Brooklyn with his partner, and dabbles in piano on occasion.

In addition to his writing, Wiggers is also a tech reporter for VentureBeat, where he covers the technology industry, including AI, machine learning, robotics, and more. The magazine is a leading source for Silicon Valley and venture capital news, and he has covered everything from startups to the future of the Internet. Currently, he is focused on artificial intelligence and robotics.

Despite its growing impact on the tech industry, there are some companies that are still unsure how to apply artificial intelligence in the real world. One of those companies is Sama, which uses crowdworkers to analyze data. Its annotators have analyzed over 1.5 billion data points, and its services have been used by over 25 percent of the Fortune fifty. It also raised $85 million in funding and has 120 full-time employees.


Only 1 out of 4 employers are confident that they have a good handle on which skills will be required in the future. Luckily, the tech industry has stepped up to provide a variety of solutions to help companies address this issue. From AI to sensors to data mining, there are plenty of tools available to help companies prepare for a future of AI deployment.