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Top Long Distance Relationship Problems And Ways To Resolve Them

Nobody wants to do the hard work these days which is why long distance relationships are not that into the picture in this 21st century dating world. But all those who still believe in the magic of love and give this kind of tough love a try are sure worthy of handling the ups and downs and come out of it beautifully together being in love. As every love story comes with its own list of pros and cons, so do long distance relationships. But fret not, we are here with a list of long distance problems and how you can face them head on. Read this article to figure out more.

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  • Having the feeling of getting nothing to talk about – People in LDR often find themselves out of topics to talk about and keep the conversation going. It is normal to experience such moments, if it’s temporary. And to fix this issue, one can come up with a list of questions to ask their significant other. Grab a pen and paper and sit down thinking about those questions which would create an exciting yet engaging conversation with your long distance boo.
  • Talking way too much – We know you might be thinking we just contradicted ourselves by saying this. But no! Spending hours talking to your partner to get to know him/her leads one to talk intensely and to talk endlessly. This communication pattern becomes difficult to change later on. This is why it is one of the most faced LDR issues. Now to resolve this issue one can try to talk, text and write at a pace that makes the relationship flow balanced. Lack of this balance is sure to create more expectations which is what is going to make you feel this relationship is not working anymore, later on. So instead of going all overboard with yourself getting invested into a LDR relationship, invest your time in other important things like your hobbies, some online course, fitness, friends and other such aspects of your life.
  • Having a need to answer immediately – When we start dating we all have been in this place to reply immediately a text from our partner pops up. And people in LDR aren’t the only ones in this scenario. Isn’t it? And this habit turns into our need, later on. Later on, every call needs to be picked up by our partner timely and every text needs to be replied to which is what becomes a LDR issue. To solve this issue, ask yourself if it is so necessary to be able to reply at once everytime. Can’t you enjoy your moment or some me time which is making you feel happy or content at that very moment? If your sense of need or insecurity comes into play while asking this question, you better learn to tolerate or keep a check on your such behaviour. It will surely improve you and make you a better person not just in this relationship but overall as a person.
  • Growing apart – Probably the one constant thing which keeps pinching every LDR couple would be not being able to spend some quality time together as the other couple. Not being able to see or meet each other face to face every other day. Growing apart sucks as there are so many things that are happening at our partner’s lives into which we want an in too. Everyday changes each one of us, so to think of it, LDR couples often miss out on many things even after texting video calling each other. And this is how people lose their patience and feel like drifting apart from each other. To solve this problem, one needs to make some room for in depth communication of what we feel and how we feel. Pay regular visits, as and when possible. And decoding that this distance is temporary but their love for each other is constant. Send some flowers online to make your LDR partner feel loved and to let them know they are worth all this wait and the efforts.

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