Top Free TV Streaming Providers in Russian

Top Free TV Streaming Providers in Russian

If you are abroad, you must be missing your native country. Even if you have lived abroad for ages, this special bond with your native culture and language stays forever. The best way to keep this bond is to watch TV in Russian. What can be more motivating than watching all those new and old movies in a language your ancestors used to speak?

That`s why we have selected for you the best IPTV providers that offer streaming TV for free. Read more about each of them, compare the benefits they offer you, check the drawbacks, and stop by the most optimal offer.

Russian TV Company

Russian TV Company, or RTVC, is one of the leading IPTV service providers not only in the USA and Canada but in the entire world. This provider is known for the stability of its service and attention to all the clients` requests.

This is one of a few companies that offer all the main channels and the widest variety of options to choose from:

  • You can enjoy more than 230 channels of all types.

  • An extensive video library hosts more than 6,000 movies.

  • A function of delayed streaming for the cases you don`t want to miss your favorite content.

  • The service availability on any device: TV, computer, tablet, or smartphone.

  • A multiroom function for simultaneous use of the service on several devices.

  • A two-week archive with all the content stored and available for watching whenever you find time for it.

New russian channels and movies are added constantly, numerous special offers and promotions promise the most positive impressions.


For now, we haven`t noticed anything that we would like to improve.


  • Free: within the offer, you can enjoy a trial of 3 days of Premium service + 90 days for free.

  • Basic: this package offers access to 60 channels, the delayed streaming function, and the service availability on any device.

  • Plus: this package includes all the benefits of a Basic package plus access to up to 200 channels and a video library with more than 6,000 movies hosted. Here, the multiroom function is available for up to 2 devices and a one-week archive with all the content that you might want to watch.

  • Premium: within this subscription, along with all the benefits of the Plus subscription, you get access to up to 230 channels, a two-week archive, and a multiroom function for up to 3 devices.


Kartina.TV is a streaming TV provider that offers its service worldwide for the Russian audience. With this provider, you can count on access to more than 200 channels and some more benefits such as:

  • A time shift feature to watch your favorite movies and shows even if you don`t manage to do it when they are streamed live.

  • A two-week archive guarantees that you aren`t going to miss anything.

  • A multiroom function for 3 devices.

  • The service is available on multiple devices: TV, computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet.


  • No trial period is included. Even though the price for the service is fair, it would be good to have an opportunity to test the service before purchasing it.

  • No free option.

  • Only one plan is available.

  • The website interface is somehow not convenient enough. Well, it takes ages to find out all about that single package available by the company.


Only one package is available. However, you can choose whether you prefer a monthly payment or an option to pay for the entire year which is cheaper.


eTVnet has been around for 15 years, it already means that the company has a solid reputation and is trusted by its customers. It offers access to more than 200 live channels in Russian. A time-shifting function takes care that the users living in a different time-zone get the best experience and don`t miss a single movie or show.


  • The service is available everywhere where the internet is.

  • Any device is suitable to connect to the service: a TV, a computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

  • A free trial period is available.

Among drawbacks, we can note the following:

  • A limited choice of packages.

  • A free trial period is not available constantly.

  • A paid TV box if you choose a cheaper package.

Packages to choose from:

  • Anniversary 15: with it, you get access to 200+ channels. 20 hours of the on-demand catalogue along with 2-week channel recording are available. A TV box shall be purchased additionally.

  • Unlimited: with this subscription, you access 200+ channels, 1,000,000 titles in an on-demand catalogue, and a 2-week channel recording. A TV box is provided for free.