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Top Causes of Death On a Construction Site

The construction industry is by its very nature a dangerous business. Whatever the job, big or small, there is the potential for risks in severe injury or even death.

Construction projects can be a bit involved. A construction site is filled with large vehicles, heavy machinery, and trash that is continually being moved to and from the work zone. Due to this, the work site may change swiftly. Furthermore, a project may be completed by a group of workers who are contractors or even sub-contractors, each with their own training and communication methods. This can cause issues with the way anyone on site handles dangers.

Accidents at construction sites account for a large number of occupational deaths due to the many dangers that construction employees face. Construction is responsible for 20% of all worker fatalities, according to data.

Of all the injuries that can happen, there’s the top causes of fatalities on work sites in the construction industry. From falls or being hit by an object, these are the biggest causes of mortality.

Falling From High Places

When it comes to a death on the construction site, falls are the primary cause of either injury and death. Scaffolding, ladders, and rooftops are the most common places for workers to fall from, leaving them seriously hurt or even worse.

In fact, over 60% of site workers have to climb onto scaffolds. Unfortunately, many of these falls happen when scaffolds are not properly constructed or utilized.

Most employees wounded in a fall from scaffolding blame the incident on a support failing, sliding, or being hit by a falling item. Falls from great heights have a disproportionately negative impact on small residential building companies.

Being Struck by a Falling Object

When anything hits a construction worker, such as a car, equipment, or falling item, they can be hurt badly. A lot of times, it can be fatal. This is the second-leading cause of fatal injuries in construction.

Cranes are involved in a lot of accidents. While moving, raising, or lowering heavy loads, a crane might topple or strike a person. Also, the loads a crane is moving may potentially collapse unexpectedly, landing on and killing anybody under them.

Getting Stuck In Between Equipment

Construction workers being stuck within or between a machine or other obstructions is one of the most dangerous construction accidents. Accidents involving a person being caught, squeezed, or crushed between two heavy items can occur anywhere. Mobile equipment rollovers is an example of one accident that can happen.

Being Electrocuted

Electrocution-related fatalities happen in the construction business when someone comes into contact with live wires. Circuit breakers, control panels or light fixtures are among the common places workers may see live wires.

Electricians and workers on electricity lines aren’t the only ones who might be harmed. Other workers like laborers, mechanics, HVAC specialists, and roofers may come into close proximity to wires that may touch inadvertently and electrocute themselves.

Legal Options

For any construction worker who is injured on the job, there are options you can take. For one, your health is the most important thing to assess first. After this, contact a construction accident lawyer in Cherry Hill, New Jersey for any injury sustained there. Or, if you suffered a slip and fall injury Trenton, talk to an attorney who focuses on those types of cases.

Your legal options are something you want to address immediately, because sometimes there’s a time frame you have to file. An attorney will know this and give you the information you need to ensure you are entitled to compensation and get it.

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