Top 5 public figures who are fashion conscious

Top 5 public figures who are fashion conscious

Everyone has their own identity, fashion, and style. Every individual wants to make them unique. They always try to differentiate themselves from others. Public figures are very much famous globally; the youth follows their activities, styles, and everything. Their fashions soon became known to the world and became famous. Some very well known personalities have taken their lives as well as their fashion to an exceptional level. They don’t even skimp on the extra money they need for their fancy fashionable things.

Let’s look at some of the fashionable public figures.

Cristiana Ronaldo:

Even though Cristiano Ronaldo is a footballer, he is a very fashion-conscious person. Fans followed whatever he does. CR7 does different stylish hair cutting in a different style. He has a good collection of luxuries, cars, planes, and other vehicles and has many unique and expensive watches, which makes him look rich.

Neymar Junior:

This Brazilain is the world’s most expensive footballer. Sex video. He has a collection of Mercedes, Royal Royce, BMW 7 series, and many other luxuries cars and is also an owner of a private plane. He is unique for his distinctive hairstyles and smart, fashionable dresses.

Michael Fassbender:

Michael Fassbender, a handsome Hollywood actor, acted so many films. He has some styles which make him unique from others. He has a good collection of stylish and expensive watches, has luxury cars. His clothing is excellent, which makes him look more handsome.

Rose Byrne:

Rose Byrne, a Hollywood actress, is looking so much beautiful. She made her unique due to her gorgeous outlook and the clothes she designs with the world’s most famous designers.


Madonna, a well-known pop singer, is very much fashionable on her very didst. She looks so much pretty with her stylish dresses and with her personalities. 

The above mentioned public figures are iconic for the fashion-conscious people.

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