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Top 5 Casino Jobs with the Highest Salaries

While gambling is a popular recreational hobby, the industry itself is quite promising in terms of earning. This business values highly qualified specialists who have relevant education and work experience. To give you a better idea of ​​how lucrative the iGaming sector can be, we have analyzed the most profitable job positions in this field.

1. Casino manager

The casino manager is the key person when it comes to overseeing all organizational processes in a gambling venue. To ensure that all guests and players receive the best possible experience during their visits, the manager interacts with most of the casino departments. On top of that, this employee makes sure that all casino workers do their job correctly and in a timely manner. If you are interested in this position, you will be happy to hear that casino managers earn an average of 65 000 euros per year.

2. Director of operations

This position is even more lucrative than the previous one. However, it also implies more job responsibilities. Directors of operations communicate with dealers, organize various events, think over strategic nuances, and try to ensure that the casino functions effectively. On average, such employees can earn around €75 000 annually. But at the same time, employers put forward fairly high requirements for all candidates, including extensive experience in the financial sector.

3. Web developer

Web developers are one of today’s most sought-after professions. So, it is not surprising that gambling platforms offer pretty high salaries for such professionals, reaching up to 70 000 euros per year. Of course, to get this job, you need to know relevant coding languages ​​and have advanced programming skills. Also, keep in mind that you will need to use MySQL to develop and manage databases.

4. Affiliate manager

Affiliate managers are an integral part of today’s gambling industry. Their main task is to promote iGaming sites by relying on various advertising techniques. Since most countries regulate the gambling market rather strictly, operators interact with affiliate managers in order to attract new players interested in gambling. These specialists can receive about 50 000 euros per year as a salary. But on top of that, they can boost that income significantly through additional commissions.

5. Game designer

The gambling business definitely has some room for creative professions, and game designer is one of them. With an average salary of around €60 000 a year, these professionals focus on developing video slots and other casino games. Software studios prefer hiring game designers with a decent portfolio who can generate ideas to create unique titles.

The iGaming business is incredibly diverse in terms of job opportunities. These positions will not only provide you with a decent wage but also the opportunity to work in one of the fastest-growing industries around the globe.

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