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TOP 5 Cable Manufacturers In China

Like most other countries, China has several cable manufacturers that are popular among consumers. While many companies produce cables, only a few have gained a reputable reputation due to the quality of their products. This article will look at five of the best cable manufacturers in China. Let’s get started!

1. Far east cable.

Far East Cable Co., Ltd. was established in 1985. It is located in Yixing, China, the pottery capital and the heart of the Yangtze River Delta’s economic circle. 

Far East Smart Energy Co. Ltd. owns Far East Cable Co. Ltd., stock code: 600869. Far East Cable is China’s largest wire and cable manufacturer and is the quality company in the country. Its brand value was RMB 735.66billion in 2019.

2. Yifang cable.

Yifang Electric Group Inc. is a large, joint-stock enterprise in hi-tech that was established in 2001. They specialize in wires and cables. They are located in Zhengzhou (China). Yifang cable manufactures all types of medium-voltage, low-voltage, and high-voltage cables. The product range is extensive and meets the requirements of many countries and regions around the globe.

Products are available for OEM/ODM customization. They have high-pressure resistance and excellent durability. The company has 25109 square meters of construction and permanent assets totaling 110 million Yuan. The company owns more than 150 sets of advanced production equipment and testing equipment. 

The factory employs 200 people and 50 technical staff. Sometimes your application may require something a little different. Some available cables off the shelf may need to be fixed in your particular application. Sometimes, the space is unavailable to run the cables you require.

Professional technical engineers can solve this problem with years of experience. These engineers will recommend your cable application’s length, carrying capacity, and cross-sectional area. In addition, a design consultant service is a cost-effective way to solve your application problems.

3. Nanyang cable.

Nanyang Cable Group Co., Ltd., a group enterprise, is based in Shanghai. It integrates R&D, manufacturing, and sales of electric cables. It was founded in the 20th century and has been around for more than 80 years since the Nanyang hydropower plant’s establishment. 

Nanyang Cable Group Co. Ltd. is a modern, scaled Chinese wire and cable manufacturing company. It has four major production bases for high voltage, low voltage, rubber, and electrical cables. The modern industrial park, which covers 500 m2, has a building area of 260000 m2 and a production capacity of more than 6 billion Yuan annually.

4. Tbea cable.

In 1966, Tbea Shandong luneng taishan cable company. LTD was founded. In July 2003, tbea electric company., LTD invested cash in the company. Tbea electric co-owns seven hundred million yuan. LTD. with a 75% stake. 

Shandong luneng taishan Cable Co., LTD. has a net worth investment of 90 million yuan. 25% of this amount comes from the combination of sizable electrical wire electric cable r&d and manufacturing enterprises. 

The company is the country’s largest wire and cable production facility and one of its export bases. The company’s total capital reached 88.7 Billion RMB in 2015, and its sales revenue exceeded 50 billion RMB.

5. Baosheng cable.

AVIC Baosheng is a professional manufacturer of wires and cables. It is the largest Chinese cable manufacturer. It is a subsidiary company owned by AVIC Baosheng Group Co. Ltd. and covers 200,000 square meters.

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