Top 3 Common Freight Shipping Mistakes to Avoid

Top 3 Common Freight Shipping Mistakes to Avoid

Due to the constant evolution of the supply chain, customer expectations are also changing. Nowadays, customers only engage with businesses that are capable of delivering the products faster.

With the successfully developed models of eBay and Amazon, the shopping experience of the customers is not only comfortable but they are also prioritizing online shopping. And the pandemic environment has increased the demand for online shopping.

Due to the behavioral shift of the customers, transporting the goods from one location to another has become critical. As customer satisfaction is an important part of your business, you need to pay close attention while shipping the goods. Many business owners make mistakes while using freight forwarders to ship their goods. Here are the top 3 common freight shipping mistakes you need to avoid.

Wrong Address

This point might seem obvious to avoid, but this is one of the most common mistakes that happen all the time. Business owners make mistakes regarding the delivery address of the customers at different levels. It’s not only a stupid mistake but also can delay your shipment. Not to mention, it can cost you additional charges.

If you deliver the goods at the wrong address, your customers will be disappointed. As a result, you need to track the shipment again, collect it from the inappropriate person, and deliver it again to the rightful customers.

This will cost resources, time, and money. Additionally, delivering the goods at an improper address will make the customer angry.

Improper Packaging

Improper packaging means damaged freight. This is another common mistake that will make your customers angry.

As per various reports, the structural integrity of the shipping containers goes through some specific damages over the journey. However, the damages will increase if the packaging is not correct.

When the goods are not packaged properly, their risks of being damaged will increase. It doesn’t matter how great the products of your company are, damaged goods will not make your customers appreciate your business. Therefore, it’s suggested to invest in appropriate shipping boxes. Additionally, make sure the container shipping process is secure so that your package doesn’t suffer from unnecessary harm.

Remember that different types of goods require different types of care and attention. Additionally, the protection factor of the packages is also dependent upon the weight, size, and fragility of the goods. If you’re fragile goods, you need to be extra protective.

Bill of Landing Inaccuracies

As per Investopedia, the Bill of Landing is important. This is an essential shipping term as well as a legal document that provides both the driver and the carrier with all the necessary details to process and invoice the containers perfectly.

The Bill of Landing includes:

  • The shipment date
  • The shipment weight
  • The units of shipment
  • Packaging type
  • The Consignee’s and Shipper’s fill addresses and names
  • The value of the transportation goods
  • Special instruction to the container handler’s
  • The classification of the freight

Even though the Bill of Landing is the most crucial part of the freight services, many people make mistakes like using wrong descriptions or entering irrelevant piece count. These types of mistakes are extremely expensive. Therefore, make sure you always double-check the Bill of Landing.


These are the top 3 common freight mistakes you need to avoid. We hope this article was informative. If you have any additional questions, comment below to let us know.