Top 10 Types of Ladder for Sale in Kenya

Top 10 Types of Ladder for Sale in Kenya

Ladders arevery important equipment used for climbing up something or moving down. There are many types of ladders for sale in Kenya. The choice of ladder for purchase is determined intended purpose. To get a ladder for sale in Kenya, one must have basic knowledge concerning types, price and how the ladder will be used. This article will focus on various types of ladders sold in Kenya. Below are common types of ladders available in Kenyan market.

Factors to consider before buying a ladder

Presence of many sellers of a similar product can make inexperienced people to purchase a wrong product or the correct equipment but at a higher price. Here are the main factors to be considered before buying a ladder.

  1. Right ladder for desired job
  2. Safety
  3. Efficiency
  4. Maximum height. If the ladder is intended for climbing to greater heights,

A quality ladder that meets all the set standards is sold at higher price. To get a ladder for sale in Kenya, the buyer should visit several outlets and hardware shops that sell the equipment. Making price comparison will prevent instances of being overcharged for a cheap ladder.

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Types of ladders for sale in Kenya

  1. Step ladders. Step ladders are sold at varying prices depending on type of ladder and its reach. Buyers should ensure that it has safety features like anti-slip steps, rubber feet, paint platform, and joint locks. They are made from wood, plastic or aluminum material. Simple step ladders are used for light activities like in libraries to access books on shelves. Heavy-duty ladders are can be up to 40 feet long and are mainly used in construction works. This is a self-supporting ladder.
  2. Platform ladders – the ladder is a modified step ladder with platforms. The platform provides a comfortable surface for standing for long durations. It is ideal for jobs like repairing and painting. It has a rail guard for safety purposes.
  3. Extension ladders – This ladder can be used to access higher places. It has two sections: the base and the fly. The fly can be extended depending on the height. Extension ladders are preferred when working to greater heights. Such ladders for sale in Kenya are available in various lengths.
  4. Multi-purpose ladder – this ladder can be adjusted to take various shapes to suit a given use. The flexibility feature makes it the best choice for people who work alone.
  5. Step stools – It is a short ladder used in homes. Most of them have one step, though some can have up to here steps.
  6. Folding ladder – The ladder can easily be folded to save on storage space. It is used in doing small tasks at home like changing bulbs, cleaning windows and fans. It is light and versatile.
  7. Attic ladders – The ladder is used when working on narrow paths or spaces. It is easy and safe to use this ladder for climbing.
  8. Flexible ladder – It is also called a rope ladder and it is used in emergency cases. It can to escape from a tall building and recreational activities like caving.
  9. Telescopic ladder – the ladder has sections that can easily slide and are used for ordinary industrial uses.
  10. Podium ladder–It is designed for household works that require standing for a long period.

In conclusion, to get a ladder for sale in Kenya, one must carefully consider the cost of the ladder, safety and its quality. Apart from that, the intended use should be emphasized while buying a ladder. A good ladder should be affordable; of high quality and suites the desired task to be done.

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