For people who are monogamous, sex life can be boring after a certain time. Many couples do not have regular sex like they used to. Sure, the excitement might be subdued after a few years, but there should always be a need for sex and intimacy. Couples, who do not share any physical connection after their kids are born, find it difficult to reconnect with their old selves. But, if you want a healthy married life, you must boost your sex life; there is no other way. People often find it difficult to talk to their partners about their wants and needs. Continue reading this article to find practical tips that will help you communicate with your partner better.

Talk It Out: As mentioned earlier, people often fail to express what is in their minds. If you want more sex, say it. If you want something different from your partner, say it. Unless and until you verbally express what is in your mind, your partner will not understand the same. Your partner is not a magician who can read minds. Therefore, have an honest conversation about your sex life and how it is no longer exciting anymore.

Focus On Pleasure: Sex is about pleasure and nothing else. If it does not feel good, why would you do it? Women of all ages fake orgasms from time to time; they want to encourage their partners. But faking the orgasm will only provide a false sense of pride in your male partner. Ladies typically sacrifice their pleasure in bed in order to make men happy.

  • Ask your partner what turns them on. Different things turn on different people. Penetrative sex, though it is a vital part of one’s sexual life, is not the final answer to all. Gentle brushing, stroking, and caressing can be as exciting as penetrative sex.
  • Spend more time playing and using different parts of your body to create a sensation. You may read Kama Sutra to learn more about different postures and their significance in bed.

Be Honest With Shortcomings: Everyone has insecurities; that is part of life. Some women are unhappy with the size of their breasts, while others worry about the stretchmarks. After giving birth, most women feel unattractive and ashamed of their bodies. But, you must remember that all bodies go through change, and there is nothing to be ashamed of. The list is quite long when it comes to males and their insecurities.

  • No man is ever happy with the size of their penis. They think it could have been bigger, girthier, and so on. But as you get mature, you get more and more comfortable with what you have. If you are not comfortable with yourself, you cannot have fun with others. You will always be conscious of your shortcomings (pun intended).
  • Men over forty often experience erectile dysfunction. It is one of the common problems. When you go through something like that, you must have an open conversation with your partner(s). There is nothing to worry about as the treatment is available. One may visit P-Shot in Miami, FL to learn more about the causes of erectile dysfunction. You may book an appointment and consult with a doctor to resolve the issue as soon as possible.