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Tips for Giving Prizes for Promotion to Be Right on Target

Has any of the people closest to you managed to get a promotion in his office? If so, you need to join in the celebration of this success by giving him a gift.

So, what gift is appropriate to give? However, before discussing what gifts are appropriate, it’s a good idea to listen to the following tips for giving promotion gifts.

The promotion prize or promotion prize is a motivator for recipients to be able to improve their performance and achievements, as well as trigger healthy competition among other co-workers.

It’s not enough to just give a useful promotion gift, you also need to adjust the timing of the gift, choose a gift that will definitely support your career, and of course adjust the gift to the recipient’s preferences. These three tips will be explained by the BP-Guide in the points of the article below.

The Best Time

When you want to give a promotion as a tangible form of appreciation for someone’s achievements, you need to pay attention to the right time and atmosphere. 

Do not let you appear suddenly by giving a promotion prize that is not on time. In addition to feeling awkward to the recipient, your intentions can be misinterpreted and can have a significant impact on subsequent communications.

To add some “sweet spice” to your promotion gifts, there’s nothing wrong with giving items that match each promotion moment or point. This can make your gift not too late or too soon to receive.

Consider Gifts That Can Support His Career

Because gifts that only pay attention to the value of benefits tend to be boring or too ordinary, this is not the only benchmark for giving gifts up in rank. Don’t just consider how much money you put aside to buy promotion gifts. Also consider a gift that could help the recipient’s career.

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To find out more in depth about the recipient’s career, you can do research on various sites that provide complete information related to work. Also avoid giving gifts that are too general, such as books related to the world of work, so that these gifts can really support the recipient’s career.

Customize with What He Likes

Given that everything about gift giving has to do with the recipient of the gift, then you need to really think about the things that the recipient of the gift enjoys getting promoted.

You need to make observations of the recipient’s hobbies, interests, personality, as well as the gender of the recipient. For example, you could give a watch that calculates health and wellness-related metrics for a recipient who likes to spend time in gyms.

Those are some tips for giving gifts to colleagues or superiors who get promotions. Now, you can search for the closest corporate gift service and according to the criteria of your boss or co-worker. Happy hunting for promotion gifts.

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