Tips for Choosing the Best Glass Vase for Your Flowers

Tips for Choosing the Best Glass Vase for Your Flowers

It can be challenging to choose the best vase shapes for flowers that you get from your garden. When it comes to selecting the ideal flower vases, there are a lot of factors you should consider.

The general tip is that once you get some vases that suit your style, you can cut the stems to fit the vase. Size matters a lot when choosing the right vase. While you look at the height of the vase, you should also focus on the opening – it should offer enough support for your flowers.

As you choose the glass vase for your flowers, you should look more at the vase’s opening. If you get a vase with a larger opening, it may be challenging to work on the overall arrangement of the flowers. Here are some tips to help you choose an ideal glass vases to showcase your blooms.

Column vases

Choose a tall and slender column vase if you want to complement the elegance of long-stemmed flowers like gladioli and lilies.  This is also an ideal choice if you want to display decorative twigs. A narrow vase provides an excellent structure keeping everything controlled and looking sleek.

Hourglass vases

The hourglass vase is one of the most common in most houses.  This flower vase suits short-stemmed flowers with large and round heads like peonies and roses.   The vase is narrow in the middle and wide at the bottom. It is slightly flared at the top and curvy. This makes it ideal for accentuating the voluminous shape of the blooms.

Fishbowl glass vases

When you choose flowers for a fishbowl, you should opt for those that can spill over on the opening of the vase. Flowers like carnations, roses, lilies, and calla will look just perfect on a fishbowl glass vase.

If you want to create a round vase, you will have to cut the stems to fit the height of the fishbowl.  Get flowers with rigid stems because they can stand still in this kind of vase and give the perfect shape you want.

Bud vases

Suppose you want to showcase a cluster of petite blooms and individual flower stems. A bud vase is the best you can get.  A collection of milk bottles or jam jars can work perfectly well if you don’t have any bud vase at hand.  You can use bud vases to decorate your dinner table and keep the conversation going. Place another bud vase with flowers right beside your bed to brighten up your morning when you wake up.

Final Thoughts

When you shop for the best flower vase, you should find out how many flower stems can work in the vase.  You don’t want to cramp your flowers in the vase. Knowing which flower stems work better in what kind of vases makes it easier for you to choose an ideal glass vase.

You should also focus on the design of the vase because it plays a role in arranging the flowers.