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The Slit Lamp Photography Competition Sponsored by Mediworks is Successfully Held

The authoritative 10th conference of “Caring for Myopia, Smile Forum” in the ophthalmology industry was successfully held in Crowne Plaza Pujiang, Shanghai, from. With the theme of correction and prevention for myopia, the conference is held once a year, acting as the largest event in refractive surgery for many corporates, including MediWorks who also attended the forum with its advanced slit lamp microscope in the industry.

The conference invited top experts in refractive and ICL surgery to focus on the clinical problems and basic research in SMILE and ICL surgery in different forms of online and offline. The valuable experience and clinical norms of ICL surgery and SMILE were also shared in the conference. A large number of refractive surgery celebrities and myopia prevention and control experts from all over the world were also invited to share new technologies and methods in ophthalmic clinical diagnosis and treatment.

With the rapid development of ophthalmic medical treatment, ophthalmic photography equipment has become an essential examination instrument for ophthalmic diagnosis. In order to further improve the level of slit lamp photography, a slit lamp photography competition – Image Matters was held by the Eye & Ent Hospital of Fudan University and sponsored by MediWorks during the conference.

MediWorks is the portable slit lamp microscope manufacturer committed to providing ophthalmologists and optometrists with high-quality products, advanced technology, and high-quality services. Its S390L (Firefly WDR) high definition digital slit lamp has been widely applied in more than 100 countries/regions and thousands of clinicians.

S390L (Firefly WDR) digital slit lamp, as its proudest product, is used to examine the meibomian gland and automatically analyze the loss rate. Its unique built-in infrared light source lighting system allows a large shooting area for the meibomian gland, and the high optical resolution and up to 5-megapixel video give aid to vivid and clear details of photos no matter for teaching or publishing. Therefore, doctors who are keen on high optical quality can obtain higher accuracy and safer diagnosis results.

MediWorks digital slit lamp is equipped with a digital module specially developed to examine anterior segment image. Because it enables the machine to automatically expose and balance white, ophthalmologists are easy to shoot high-definition pictures without any parameter settings. Moreover, a MediWorks slit lamp with a built-in yellow filter can increase the contrast of corneal fluorescein sodium staining image and improve the positive detection rate of early corneal epithelial staining. The intelligent case management system supports multiple case comparison and DICOM port so that ophthalmologists can easily connect with the medical system of the hospital.

The solicitation activity of the photography competition – Image Matters lasted for 20 days, and there are 102 works received by the organizer. The expert jury composed of five professors selected the top 10 outstanding works through strict screening and professional comments. There are three photos under the case name of the blister in eye lens (cataract), morphological observation of meibomian gland, and haze (granular corneal dystrophy) that were ranked in the top three, respectively in the final.

Photo named The Blister in the Eye Lens (Cataract)

Top 16 works in the semifinal and top 10 works in the final of the slit lamp photography competition – Image Matters are taken by MediWorks slit lamps with the ultimate goal to explore different clinical problems. Meanwhile, the MediWorks slit lamp was displayed on the spot and attracted the interest of the participants.

The new refractive surgery technologies represented by femtosecond SMILE and endoscopic ICL implantation have developed rapidly in the past ten years. MediWorks has been keeping abreast of the latest progress in the field of myopia prevention and refractive surgery and will further focus on more profound fields in the future to provide the most effective solutions for ophthalmic equipment.

About MediWorks

MediWorks is an ophthalmic instrument supplier with a complete R & D and production system which combines optical, mechanical, electronic and other cutting-edge technologies. The R & D team of MediWorks ophthalmic precision instrument research center is composed of professionals who have rich experience in the R & D of ophthalmic instruments, medical imaging and machine vision. Facing the challenge of creating future ophthalmic precision instruments, MediWorks strikes to make more possibilities for the future and high-quality ophthalmic instruments for its clients.

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