The second most popular surgery is eye surgery.

The second most popular surgery is eye surgery.

Top rated surgery 1 of Thai people is doing a nose job. No. 2 is indebted to the story of double eyelid surgery. Thai people, Chinese people, brothers and sisters, descendants of Chinese people. 

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There are many in this country. It is inevitable to do double eyelid surgery. But before deciding to do eye surgery, let’s have a look first. Better than what we should know

Questions about “think before you act”

The writer will write according to the experiences of patients who come to ask for advice. and answer according to the knowledge and experience that the writer himself has made (The writer himself has limited experience. not very good at anything There are many things that writers can’t do. There are other doctors who can do it.) Before getting into the eye, the writer would like to explain the eye picture in a simple and universal way for the reader to understand first. Because nowadays, there are many new terminologies that I don’t know who coined it on surgical web forums, such as Love Band Dolly Eyes, Closed-End, Open-Ended, Open-Ended. Which is enough for the patient to read. I went in and talked to the surgeon. The plastic surgery writer wondered what it was? (What head is open? Which end is closed?) When the writer makes a confused face, the patient thinks in his heart, ‘Oh, the writers aren’t that good. I don’t know any of these words. (Haha…. the person who told the story. This story is for the writer to listen to as a professor-level doctor in plastic surgery.)

Q : Eyes like mine, what kind do you do? I want a closed head, open end?

A : I would like to explain to you about the composition of the upper eyelid first, that is, the upper eyelid will have the inner corner of the eye. middle of the eye and the corner of the eye The topic of opening and closing eyes is very controversial. The writer explains it like this. That each patient’s eyes are not the same, some people have sharp eyes, some people have rounded eyes, which the head (Epicanthal Folds) is a characteristic found in people with single eyelids.

   If the patient has a sharp eye already and wants to have big eye layers when performing standard surgery (Slitting or piercing) often get an open head of the eye or if before surgery the patient has an open head that looks small. After surgery, the double eyelids will be open as well.

   But if before surgery the patient has epicanthal folds, when doing standard surgery, the eye is usually closed or if possible. If the eye is open, there may be a slight crease at the corner of the eye. The location of the incisional layer also determines the opening of both the closed or open inverted eyelids. For example, if we sew to create an eye layer near the inner corner of the eye. The resulting eyeball will open, but if sewn far from the head of the eye, the resulting eye will close. for the values ​​of Thais and Asians. People (who already have a small head) tend to prefer closed eyes and open eyes. Hopefully, but for some patients with a similar head. but need large eyelids and open eyes, in this case, surgery must be performed to correct the glaucoma in this way, called Epicanthoplasty The droopy hooded eyes and Asian eyes

Q: Writer, the tip of the corner of my eye falls down, looks sad, can double eyelids and lift the tip of the eye for me?

  1. It must be explained first that the tail of the eye droop is caused by the tendon that attaches the tip of the eye to the eye socket that sticks down obliquely. (Anti-mongoloid Slant or Droopy Hooded Eyes), which is different from those who have a swan tail. Because these people’s tendons stick in an upward direction (Mongoloid Slant To Asian Eyes), let me tell you that in this case the patient needs to be corrected by surgery on the lower eyelid, not the upper eyelid. Because double eyelid surgery may actually open the tip of the eye. but can not change the orientation of the tendon that is attached. Surgery to reposition the tendon that sticks to the eyelid is not easy at all.

Lateral Canthoplasty starts with an incision at the tip of the corner of the eye at the edge of the lower eyelid to find the adhesion tendon. Then the adhesion tendon must be cut and moved to a higher position. This requires drilling into the skull and threading the wire to the adhesion tendon. (The writer listens to it and it’s still terrifying, so the writer wants to ask if he wants to go against nature that much. the people at the end of the eyes fall. It looks cute.)

There are times when a patient has a drooping eye tip and consults another doctor and says that he wants to do double eyelids and wants the tip of the eye to be a swan’s tail. The doctor replied that yes. Let’s have a look at the results of the swan tail from the upper eyelid surgery.

It can be clearly seen that the patient who has the tip of the eye drooping and wants to do double eyelids and make the tip of the eye look like a swan’s tail will get a “swan” clearly like a swan tail. Therefore, dragging it to the eyebrows with this effect, the patient is speechless as well. Because I didn’t think I would get results like this. This patient came to the writer himself. Then ask if it will disappear? The writer responded clearly. I know that scars outside the eye socket are often permanent scars. but may fade over time. Therefore, it can be seen that “Each swan’s path may not be the same.” That doctor’s one for another.