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The safest destinations for a wedding abroad in 2021

Getting married is one of the best days of anyone’s life. Doing it abroad can be a way to make that day even more special and really set your wedding apart from anyone else’s. However, in 2021, with so many travel restrictions in place due to the Covid-19 pandemic, finding a place to have a wedding safely is increasingly more difficult.

It is not impossible though. If you couple choosing a destination sensibly by making use of travel test packages from reputable testing companies like MedicSpot, going abroad to say your vows can remain a very real possibility. This is our guide to the safest destinations for a wedding abroad in 2021 and why they can be such a wonderful place to get married.


Portugal is currently on the UK’s green list so international travel is allowed there for any reason — even if it is just a holiday. What’s great about Portugal is that there are so many beautiful places to get married within its borders. If you want a beach wedding, the huge white sandy stretches down by the Algarve provide a stunning backdrop, while cities like Lisbon and Porto are fantastic for culture vultures.

In terms of Covid, what makes Portugal a good bet at the moment is the huge number of flights that airline companies are putting on to so many of the country’s airports. That helps keep the costs down and also makes it far easier for your guests to make it.


Barbados, like many other Caribbean islands, has managed to keep infection levels relatively low throughout the pandemic. Despite being heavily reliant on tourism, it has managed to ensure that chains of transmission have not been able to take hold to cause widespread outbreaks of Covid. The country is hopeful that it will be put back on to the UK’s green list as soon as possible.

And, if it does, it will be a great choice for a wedding. The quintessential white beach and turquoise sea means that Barbados, along with its friendly community, is an ideal place to say your vows. There are many different hotels on the island too making it easy to find a place to suit your budget.


Gibraltar, just along the coast from Portugal, is also on the UK’s green list. It also has its own airport so flying there is a breeze. And, as a British territory, the language is English which means that anyone flying from Britain will be able to get by easily, as well as making plans with any hotels or wedding planners far more straightforward too. You do not risk having anything lost in translation so there is minimal risk of any nasty last-minute surprises on your big day.

The Rock of Gibraltar also makes for an impressive backdrop to any wedding photos, while there are many plush villas and hotels that make for good locations in which to get married.


Jersey, while technically in the UK, is a good idea if you are looking to jet off somewhere to get married in 2021. The reason being is that it has a much better climate than mainland UK enjoys. And, while it may not be the tropical destination some brides dream of, it is only a short flight away, making getting there incredibly easy. And the beaches on the island are wonderful so even if it was not on your dream destination list before, it should be now. Plus, when coupled with the delicious fresh seafood that you can serve your guests in abundance, it really has far more to offer than just Jersey Royal potatoes (which are also yummy).

Safe destinations to get married in 2021

The key to choosing a destination to get married in 2021 is to keep an eye on the Government’s green, amber and red list, while making a balanced view of how countries on all those lists are faring in their battle to tackle Covid infection rates. If a country’s vaccination programme seems to be progressing well and infection numbers are similar to the UK’s or lower, the chance that country will stay on the green list or move to the green list is much improved.

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However, there is a lot more risk involved choosing to get married abroad until infection numbers are globally right down. For that reason, buying wedding insurance is probably one of the best purchases you could ever make if you are determined to marry overseas. At the very least, it will buy you peace of mind that you will not miss out financially should your plans have to change for any reason — most notably Covid.

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