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The procedure of making a 3D paper cut light box is really straight-forward.

Invent Your Own Style

Once you’ve downloaded and printed the template, you may begin using it right away. A 20 × 25 cm ( 8 x 10 inch) lighting box has been designed for this, but it may be scaled up or down to suit your requirements. You may develop something that is entirely your own. We recommend that you use 170 grammes of white card material for your project since it is thin enough to enable light to pass through. Make sure to leave a 1 cm border around the borders of all of your layers when you place the first one on top of the card stock. This means that glueing your layers together will be a lot easier. If you want to get free shadow box template svg, please visit our website.

Layers may be removed

You’ll need an X-Acto knife to remove the first layer. With the X-acto knife, you can cut your materials with the utmost precision. Draw the second layer on top of the first layer, which should be placed on the back of another card. Continue with the second layer after removing the previous one. Cut it out and keep going until all of the layers are complete.

If required, re-assemble the layers.

It is necessary to utilise foam spacers to keep the various layers apart. As a result, the image seems three-dimensional and has a 3D effect. Remove the foam spacers and place them in a safe place. The breadth of each one is one centimetre. Twelve 25-centimeter spacers and twelve 18-centimeter spacers are needed. Each layer should include four spacers.

Using a glue stick, adhere the layers together. The first layer should be spaced apart using spacers, and then the next one should be attached on top of it with adhesive. Check to ensure that the layers are correctly aligned before you begin editing any of them. Continue to galvanise the layers until they are all complete. Instead of using spacers to separate these three layers, you may just paste them together to get a reflection effect. It is water that comes first, and it is water that follows the horse in the chain of precedence.

Work with wood to build a box

It’s time to begin assembling the wooden box. Even if you don’t have any carpentry skills, boxes may be bought ready-made. In addition to the thickness of your layers, account for lighting, frames, and glass panels by calculating an extra 2 cm in thickness. My case’s depth is 8 centimetres. You may add more room if you want, since it was a touch tight on me.

From the inside out, construct a frame.

Make a new frame out of the 1 x 1 cm wood stripe given in the box to hold the glass in place. Cut four pieces of 25 centimetres and four pieces of 18 centimetres. After you’ve glued them in, take them out of the box and set them free.

Brush-Paint the Lightbox

The light box needs to be painted next. The outside of the item may be painted in whatever colour you choose, however the back piece should be painted white and not covered with a card panel..

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