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The Life and Music of Maria Prieto

Who is Maria Prieto?

Maria Prieto is one of the rising personalities from Columbia because of her breathtaking beauty and plethora of talents. She was born and raised in Columbia, but she decided to explore more opportunities and live in Miami. As much as she loves to stay in her hometown, living in another country has opened a new door to start her career as a model. It’s no doubt that people love to see her because of her unique features, excellent physique, and her perfect height.

However, as Maria Prieto embraced life in Miami and being a model, she was faced with overcoming a challenge. Her health was compromised, and she began to experience health problems along her journey to be a model. But, Maria Prieto looked at the challenge differently. Instead of letting her problems devour her, she made it into an opportunity to help other people.

She started dedicating most of her time to improving her physical and mental health while sharing the process on her social media accounts. She shared videos of her workout routine, diet, and lifestyle, inspiring and reaching many people.

Through her dedication, courage, and patience to have a healthy life, she has impacted her followers on her various social media platforms. It might be her biggest struggle living in Miami, but she overcame it and even boosted her career as modeling agencies and magazines noticed her.

Now, she’s known for being a fitness instructor, a talented model, and with a heart for being an artist. Yes, she’s not just beauty, brain, and body; she’s also gifted when it comes to creating music.

Maria Prieto’s Love for Music

Maria Prieto is not just talented in posing to a camera and motivating other people; she’s also gifted to inspire people through her music. Her genre of music is chill and relaxing, called Lo-Fi, or known as the combination of soft sound and engaging beats. It’s usually the music created by mixing beats and other sounds of various things like environmental sounds and more. Maria Prieto loves listening to music while working or studying, which inspired her to create her own lo-fi music.

Maria Prieto started to fall in love with music when she was in Middle School. She would listen to her favorite song and led her to make her own beats and poetry. Music ignites her artistic side to express herself through rhyming words and beautiful sounds. As she grew older, she still had that passion for creating music; that’s why she recorded her lo-fi music and shared it with everyone.

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Her music provides excellent comfort for those seeking soft and chill-vibe music to listen to while studying, working, or exercising. The fantastic mix of beats and relaxing sounds made Maria Prieto’s music unique and inspiring. Her music is excellent proof that Maria Prieto offers more than just beauty and body.

Education and Business of Maria Prieto

If you’re amazed by Maria Prieto’s talent in creating music and modeling, you’ll be surprised to know that she’s also intelligent. She studied with a degree in International Business and obtained a certificate in Nutrition, which led her to start her own brand.

She created a fitness training program titled Strong but Sexy which includes personalized training, tips, and a nutrition guide. This program aims to help people to improve their physical and emotional well-being. She also made an e-book version of the training program that people can download for free. However, they need to hurry because it’s a limited time offer only.

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Maria Prieto’s Social Media

Maria Prieto is on every social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and even the popular short-video app– TikTok. Her beauty, body, and talent have gained thousands of followers on most of her social media accounts, and her fanbase is still growing.

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She has more than 90,000 followers on her Instagram, while on Tiktok, she has 232,000 followers with almost 1 Million likes. Her cute dance moves and inspiring transformation videos are viral among TikTok users.

Maria Prieto’s YouTube channel is also growing as she uploads more videos to help other people achieve the body they deserve. If you haven’t subscribed yet to her channel, you can check it out and get some insights into how to live a healthy life.

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