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The key differences between laser marking and engraving

Laser technology is comparatively new. It is considered as one of the high technology used in high tech companies. Most high-end companies use both lasers marking and engraving for permanent marking on the metal, thermoplastic, rubber, fiver, or even wooden parts. Where ordinary ink or painting cant do the job, that’s where laser technology comes in. Some prefer to use a mini laser marker in a small portion of any area. But both laser markings have their advantages and some key differences of application and use case.

What is laser marking technology?

By the name of this, people may understand what is the primary purpose of laser marking is. The main task for laser marking is to mark or print any picture, code, number, or even QR on the metal things. Most of the time, things like surgical implement, surgical instruments, and precision bearings require laser marking technology to print on them. The print color depends on the material and the gas the manufacturer uses while laser the process. Companies also use different wavelengths to make the line thicker or deeper, and the web length can also change the color of the print.During the laser marking process, a low-powered beam is used to change the material’s color by material oxidation. Laser marking makes the difference between the metal and the print. Laser marking is ideal for logos, barcode, QR codes, and text-markings.

During the laser marking process, only the targeted part is changed, and the outer part of the material remains intact as before. Manufacturing companies use laser marking for coloring steel and the same type of materials.

What is laser engraving technology?

Unlike the laser marking process, laser engraving uses a high-temperature beam to make the process. Instead of printing on the surface of the material, laser engraving uses a high temperature of the laser beam to remove the material’s portion from the surface. That makes a gap in the material. Engraving section depth can be controlled using multiple lasers passes. The manufacturing company can uselaser engraving on any metal like iron, thermoplastic, glass, leather, or wood surface. Some people thought that laser welding machineand laser engraving is the same thing. But those two are entirely two different things.

One of the main disadvantages of using laser engraving is it causes so much damage not only just in the target surface but also around the target surface due to its high temperature.

The difference between laser marking and laser engraving

Both laser engraving and laser marking may use the same laser technology, but they have some key differences. After using these two things, you might need a  laser cleaning machineto clean the machines. So go to the link to find more.

Laser Marking Laser engraving
1.The material properties of the surface appearance altered in laser marking 1. Removal of material using high-temperature beam
2.Keeps the material outer surface remains intact 2. Damages the outer material surface
3. Low power consumption 3.High power consumption
4. Can’t make depth in laser marking 4. laser engraving makes upto 0.5 mm depth into the surface.


Finally, laser marking and laser engraving have their advantages and disadvantages in their use case and application. They share the same laser technology, but they use to a different temperature. One can do damage, and one can not. According to the workflow and the use case, both of them can be a great option. Currently, many international companies use both laser marking and laser engraving. Both are doing their excellent job in their category. We may see more of  the use case scenario of these both technologies in the upcoming future

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