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The increased popularity of Stone coated roofing tiles

These types of roofing tiles have an elegant aesthetic look. Its components are mainly Aluminum- zinc alloy having a coating of naturally mixed granules. It has multiple distinct layers which provide protection from ultraviolet light. It also has a thick layer of stone which gives it its appealing look.

A diagram of it is illustrated below

Examples include;

Classic tiles- they have a classical touch on their appearance giving your house a modern look on its exterior. Classic tiles have a variety of colors in which enables on to choose according to his/her preferences. It is advantageous in that it can be used on any type of architectural design.

Shingles roofing tiles- they consist of rectangular overlapping elements. They may have either a single or two-color arrangement. They are very common despite the fact that they deteriorate faster. They are easy to install hence you need not have to spend a lot of time on installation.

Milano tiles- it has furrows on the tiles which makes it more appealing to look at after installation.

Versatile- it is characterized by having a premium profile. It has a higher durability due to its wide range of colors that provides protection against ultraviolet light.

Pros and cons


Low maintenance- one does not incur an extra cost of having to repaint them after some time since they have high durability. They are also free from corrosion and they are not affected by bad weather conditions. They also have a thick shield hence reduce the need of incurring extra cost of repairs.

Durability- they have the ability to withstand heavy rainfall, thunderstorms and also strong winds. It has a core made of steel which ensures that the chips are permanently attached to the core. This helps to boost its performance in the long run.

High cost efficiency stone coated roofing tiles have the ability of reflecting heat rather than absorbing it. It does not conduct the heat from outside into the house. This reduces the need of having to purchase temperature regulators in order to regulate heat. It also protects your house from harsh ultraviolet light.

Versatility- they come with a range of textures, colors and designs which enables an individual to choose from a variety.  This designs help to boost the appearance of your house making it admirable from a distance.

It is sustainable- manufacturers make use of recycled materials which reduces environmental pollution. This helps to make sure that waste materials are kept into good use.

Longevity- they have a long life span. In order for them to stay longer, there is need for them to be installed carefully.


Stone coated roofing tiles have a high initial cost- most people may not be able to afford due to their high prices. This makes people to opt for those that are less durable but are affordable.

Noise- it may occur from rail or hail. Due to this, some people have opted for having insulation, drywall and solid decking in order to absorb the noise immediately before it penetrates the living room.


Stone coated tiles have the ability to perform high standards to its users. They increase the value of your property by attracting customers to it. It provides value to anyone who purchases it.

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