The Evolution of Technology Throughout The Years

I remember getting my first mobile phone from my parents back when I first started college in 2001 (yes, that’s about 17 years ago and yes that does make me feel old!). It wasn’t at all how mobile phones are today. It was purely for calling people on and was probably about double the size of most landline shoes now, it was a brick! It was also pretty safe to use too. Nowadays with modern smartphones, there’s such a high risk of your details being stolen with a technique known as ‘phishing’ – so you need to make sure you either have security measures in place or know what to look out for!

Technology In General

Not just mobile phone technology though, even things like stereos, televisions and even headphones. As far as I can remember, there weren’t even in-ear headphones, just the really plastic-y ones that went over your ears with a simple metal bar that went over your head. Oh and there weren’t things like iPods. You could either have a personal CD player or the alternative for tapes. Can you even still buy tapes now? Or CD’s? It’s all about MP3’s and digital downloads. Gone are the majority of physical items but I guess who needs it when you can virtually store everything you need.

Growing Up Without Technology

Growing up I was never really interested in technology, I was always more a creative, outdoorsy type of person. I hated being stuck inside on a rainy day, I much preferred being out on my bike or climbing trees or something. It was both my brothers who were interested in technology, especially the older one who loved anything to do with computers. Now however, my life is pretty much online with my blog and digital marketing consultancy. Isn’t it funny how we adapt to what’s going on around us without ever really knowing we are doing so. Just as many of us have done with things like apps, Fitbit watches and other fitness trackers to help us lose weight.


What with companies bringing out new and updated smartphones – what seems like one or two a year, what happens to the ‘old’ phones? Do they get shoved into a draw somewhere and forgotten about, or sold for a quarter of their original price? It just seems so toxic to the environment to be updating tech on a yearly basis. Or even more often for some people! It’s no wonder our landfill sites are exploding with the amount of rubbish being added to them on a daily basis.

I wish more people would consider the environment and use the many, many online re-sellers where you can sell your ‘old tech’ to someone else who can use and enjoy it. Instead of it gathering dust in a draw or spend the next 100 years lying in a landfill site somewhere polluting the earth.

Where Will It Go Next?

It’s hard to wonder what new things these tech guys will think of next?! Saying that, I just read an article talking about the launch of a drone delivery service! I wonder if I went back to 10 year old me and show myself some of the things we have now, what my reaction would be. Shocked I guess!

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