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The Evolution of Full Figured Shapewear

The use of shapewear for women dates back to an earlier time. The use of full figured shapewear has become prevalent today. What must be differentiated is that there are several shapewears for women on the market. Therefore, it is necessary to classify it to have more knowledge and understand its use. Why not check our N-fini Shapewear?

The history of shapewear

The first full-figured shapewear emerged in ancient civilizations Mikonos, becoming popularized later in the 16th century, in the court of the Medici, a powerful and influential family of the renaissance in Florence – Italy. And they have evolved not only to give a “wasp” waist today, but to support medical treatments, correct posture, and avoid pain.

Talking about the history of the full figured shapewear implies going back to the year 1700 BC. When we find its most faithful predecessor known as the corset, it was initially used by the Greek civilization, especially on the island of Crete, where the Greeks in search of stylizing their figure, cinching their waist, lifting the bust and buttocks. The materials that were generally used were pieces of wool and leather hardened by various methods.

At the peak of the Industrial Revolution, the transformation and evolution of full-figured shapewear took shape since they were made of elastic fabric, sometimes held by hook fasteners. Some of the pioneering materials in the elaboration of the shapewear were cotton and satin, occasionally crossed by rods, which produced discomfort in use.

Over time, full-figured shapewear has been considered an essential garment for many women. As a result, rigid garments were made between the 1920s and 1960s, essential for fashion designers who wanted to present women’s silhouettes with a “wasp waist” and dresses in voluminous skirts.

After the 60s, the girdle complemented pantyhose made with a thick elastic band to achieve total control, not only at the waist but also in the upper part of the legs. The full-figured shapewear or ‘body shapers’ are used today by women to shape the figure with a garment and by many men who seek to be at the forefront of fashion. The designs include elaborate garments to cover the waist and lower abdomen and shape the entire body.

Full figured shapewear today!

Today, the concept of shapewear has reached other use levels as posture correctors and medical and treatments.


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The belly reducing N-fini Shapewear first helps to reduce measures as said in a “2 × 3” compresses the flaccidity of different body areas, depending on the shapewear we use and their benefits.


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While the N-fini Shapewear for sports and exercise helps us eliminate toxins from our body by raising the temperature using sports shapewear or sweatshirt shapewear, this product emits heat, which causes the user’s body temperature to rise and sweat more, thus eliminating more toxins produced by sweat.

Whether you want to use these two types of N-fini Shapewear for women, we must know why we use them and choose the model and type that best suits your needs. Depending on the kind of clothes you wear, they can make you look more beautiful according to current beauty standards.

Regarding the use of full-figured shapewear for women, there are an infinite number of products and a variety of models. Therefore, we recommend that they lean towards buying a quality product. Although it is assumed that quality is already intrinsic in the products, there are a variety of qualities. 

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