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The Do’s and Don’ts of Homepage Videos

A video has increased the user’s website stay time by almost 53 percent. The front page or homepage is visited 53 times more if it has video content. This way video is calculated to bring 300 percent more traffic to the website. The first onsite video which can be uploaded to the website was launched in 1997. This has opened new horizons of video marketing strategy. Now adding a homepage video on your website has become a fast route to attract viewers to your web page. Let us discuss in detail what is a homepage video and how can you use it effectively.

What is a homepage video?

A creative strategy of bringing up an informational video on your website’s home page has upgraded the marketing game. As the homepage works as a navigator page for the rest of the website, so should be the task of the homepage video, to elaborate the business and how can it help the users/ viewers.

Using a catchy headline, create a video with simple, short, and to the point content which can give the basic information, the viewers will like to know about your website and your business.

You must have heard about the quote “the first impression is the last impression”. Your homepage video is the first encounter that your viewers might have on your website, with your business. It must be an enlightening one. So it will last with them a long time, every time reviving the memory of your first introduction to them.

Now we will discuss the dos and don’ts of creating a state-of-the-art homepage video that can attract more viewers to your website.

Dos of homepage videos:

Here we are elaborating all the important dos of the homepage videos which should be kept in mind while making one.

Ø  Do: Keep the video on top of the page

When you put effort and create wonderful content for the sake of marketing your business then why would not you let people watch it? The content is created to be watched. Then put the show on.

Just placing the content in right place will generate more leads than placing it wrong. A homepage video is meant to be on top and front. This way it will be the first thing visible to the visitors and will immediately catch their attention.

Rest of the work your great content will do.

Ø  Do: Add value to your content

Just as we said earlier that your content will do the job after the right placement of video. It was no exaggeration. You must create watchable content for your video.

That must have a strong storyline, a well-written script, and finally a well-documented video. By bringing all these techniques together you can add enough value to your content which the viewer would not be able to ignore.

Ø  Do: Create out of the box content

Marketing trends never stay the same. They are meant to change with the evolving technologies. To keep bringing something new to your customers you must think out of the box.

Bring the idea of a sale that has never been used before.

Ø  Do: Change with the wind

Our internet world is evolving every single day with new technologies and methods. Keep yourself up to date about the new animation techniques and graphic motion trends. This way the content created will match the expectation of the viewers and keep up with advancing trends.

Don’ts of homepage videos:

Ø  Don’t: Keep the video on auto play

This is a must-know point. If your video is on auto play it is forcing the viewers to watch it against their will. They will get offended by unwanted visuals. Always launch the homepage video with a play button so the viewers can decide on their own to watch it.

And if you must keep the video on auto play then keep these points into your consideration, first launch it without sound, as it can be annoying to play in full volume without any intimation. Secondly, keep the video short and without too much movement.

This will not make your viewers run away from your page even after witnessing auto play homepage video.

Ø  Don’t: Give away every detail in the video

The homepage video must be a short introduction evading the details, thus prompting the viewers to visit the rest of the website to know more details. The homepage video must be a short and to-the-point introduction to your product or business.

Without giving too many details, but giving enough to keep the interest of the clients to view more.

Ø  Don’t: Use low-quality format

Your video quality of the homepage video must be phenomenal. Do not! We repeat, do not use low-quality video formats to save your money. This will make you lose multiple potential clients.

Your video quality, its loading time, and playing time leaves an unfelt impression on the viewer.

Ø  Don’t: Follow the crowd

If your competitor is good at something and making money for a good strategy it doesn’t mean you can earn handsomely by doing the same as well. Why would people spend on something which has nothing new in it and is a pathetic copy of something else?

Just be unique in creating your video content. Your product or business can be the same but your people are different, their strategies are contrasting, their ideas are divergent.

Do not follow the crowd blindly, instead make your own pace and space.

The crux of the story:

Remember, the homepage video is just another segment of your entire homepage. It is not your homepage altogether. But still, it helps to protrude your homepage in the sea of websites.

As we said earlier, “the first impression is the last impression”. Make this first impression memorable and noteworthy for your viewers with an outstanding homepage video.

If you want to get a homepage video made you can have it made from BuzzFlick, a video animation studio, they can have it made as per your requirements.

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