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The Different Factors That Will Affect the Quality of Timber Flooring

When it comes to flooring and furniture, the admiration of wood as a material has risen significantly in recent years. This is due to the fact that wood is an excellent material for flooring and offers its consumers value for money.

However, if you want to install timber flooring at your home then you need to take into account different factors. This guide will help you understand what are different factors that can influence the quality of the timber flooring at your home.

Factors that affect the quality of timber flooring

The climate control system of your home

A lot of infrastructures have a climate control system that enables them to maintain a specific temperature for the whole year. If you are using the same system at your home then make sure it is turned on at the time of installation. Turning it off will influence the relative humidity of your home which in turn can be harmful to your hardwood flooring.

Moisture available in the hardwood flooring

The quality of your timber flooring can also get affected by the wood itself. If the wood you have selected is too wet or dry it will definitely gain or lose moisture during the installation process. This is the specific reason why you need to check the moisture condition of your wood before the installation process begins.

Moisture test for the right type of wood flooring

Before you install the timber flooring at your home you need to test the floor moisture with the help of a wood moisture meter. During the process remember to set the meter for the right kind of wood or else your evaluation will not be accurate which will further affect the quality of the hardwood you will be using.

The level of moisture on the subfloors

Moistures from the subfloor directly affect the quality of the timber wood flooring. Due to the immoderate amount of moisture released from the subfloors the wood you have installed can go through changes which will affect the durability of the same. You can check out the moisture level of your subfloor with the help of a moisture meter.

While you are renovating your home make sure to remember all the above-mentioned factors so that you can customize your home’s timber flooring accordingly and get the most out of them.

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