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The Difference Between White Magic and Black Magic Spell Casters

We all know that magic can either be white or black. White tends to stay on the pure intentions side and dark tends to use the greedy side of energy to bring permanent changes into the target’s life. Both are powerful forces to be reckoned with. Both types of spells can work to make things happen that might not normally manifest themselves. 

White magic spells usually summon Mother Earth for help manifesting the desired outcome. Black magic spells use the dark powers below to manifest their desires. The difference is that black magic usually has backlash that comes to fruition in addition to the spell results. Some may think that black magic is more powerful, however there is no proof of that. It may be an assumption that if it works faster and has backlash that it is the better option, but most have to learn the hard way. Some of those backlashes can be breaking the spell that just began manifesting which is counterproductive. 

White magic spells are always the type of spells you want to have cast. When picking a spell caster, you want to make sure that they only use white magic. Do not use anyone who uses black magic or claims it is stronger. Do not use a spell caster that is located in Africa or requires phone numbers of people involved in your life. Do not use a spell caster that only accepts money transfers as opposed to credit cards. These are signs that you need to keep searching for the right spell caster that is an expert in witchcraft

Picking the right person to cast a spell on your behalf should also have some type of guarantee with the casting of their spells. The good witches will usually offer upgrades or recasts after a given amount of time if the client us unhappy. This is the sign of a good quality spell caster. 

In summary, here is a list of things to look for when picking a spell caster:

  • Accepts credit cards
  • Only uses white magic
  • Is not located in Africa
  • Does not ask for your phone number or the phone number of your friends and family.
  • Does not accept western union or money gram
  • Has some kind of guarantee with the casting of their spells
  • Doesn’t promise results in 24 hours. 

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